Sunday, May 15, 2016

How to Approve Google Adsense Account with Blogger

Approve Google Adsense Account with Blogger

    Hi, friends today I will tell you how to approve google Adsense account with blogger. first, you know the what is a blog ?

Blogger is  used to posting various types of content on the internet and you post is attract to visitors and google Adsense will pay you money. In first you know the how to approved Adsense in your blogger. I will give you some points.

1.Required Minimum post.
2. Post length.
3.Write content related to your blog title.
4.Grammatically strong Language.
5.Avoid pornographic content. 
6.Avoid writing for Hacking.
7.Use Good quality Images.
8.Do not copy Paste.
9.Uniques Design.
10.Good Amount of unique visitors.

Required Minimum Post:
your  post should be most useful to all and you can write the minimum content of a post.
Post length: you can write your post should not be 200 or 300 words. you post should content minimum 500 words or 1000 words.
Write Content related to your Blog Title: your written content must be related to you blog title that way to increase your visitor.
Grammatically Strong Language: you can use simple language and the language should be very impressed to visitors.
Avoid pornographic content: you don't write any porno type of content because the google Adsense does not approve.

Avoid writing for Hacking: you don't write any hacking contents to another.
Use Good Quality Images: you  can use very good quality images to tag your content but it must be useful to the visitor.

Do not Copy Paste: you do not copy or paste any type of content to another because the google knows any thing you do your content should be your own.

Uniques Design: your  post page must be a Unique design because this type also people attract the page to visit.Good amount of unique visitors: you mainly attract the visitor that way the google Adsense is approved very easily.

All The Best For Your Google Adsense Approval.............


  1. Hi Sir,
    A long time ago i have created a blog for Adsense apply and was applied AdSense but google team was not responded me because of my some mistakes.
    Now again i create a blog which was only 3 month age.
    Can i apply Adsense?? Sir Please Reply

    1. Hello Mr.kanay Lal Ray you can apply Adsense but you should follow rules properly then you get Adsense account.


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