5 Actionable Ways to Generate Mind Blowing Content Ideas

Actionable Ways to Generate Mind Blowing Content Idea

Content is the king. I don’t love to say it many time, but there is something that always force me to say this.

I am huge fan of content marketing because I know its power. It helps organization to generate more leads and more business for them. This piece of content would help you generating more leads for you business too.

We all could have the skills to generate content that converts but most of us eventually feel helpless when it comes to the main theme of the content.

We don’t get able to come up with the titles that can get us more leads and people will love to read them.

Few brilliant marketers have resolved this issue by developing creative title generator tools. These tools are very efficient and are for those bloggers or marketers who want to stay on the level one of creating awesome content.

I know there would be some who want to go deeper into 2nd, 3rd …… levels.

I have actionable tips for them to generate mind-blowing content ideas.

Without doing further ado, let’s get started with them.

5 Ways to Generate Content Ideas

These tips will create a difference in your present level of content genearation skills. Let’s start with the first way of generating content ideas.

1. Analyze the Question on Quora:

Do you know the power of quora?

No, let me tell you how important it is.

Quora is really an amazing platform to ask the questions and get answers by the experts.

Find your industry relevant questions here.

You can write a complete blog post on them.

Let me give you an example: 

First of all, you need to find the questions which are viewed many times and/or have so many follow.
The above question in the screenshot has 103 follow which is a good number to consider. It means such number of people want to know the answer and the number can increase to a great extent i.e. possibilities are huge.

You can take idea from this question and create a complete post around it.

People usually show interest in such kind of posts.

2. Facebook Groups:

I am active in two or three Facebook groups and love to ask questions and give answers to the questions that people ask.

Scan the queries which are having huge traction in the form of comment, likes and shares. You will find a lot more such kind of queries.

You can also scan the popular blog fan page on Facebook. The kind of content which is shared most will get you an idea what to write about.

3. Read Popular Blogs in your industry:

I love to read many blogs and get ideas from them for my blog Myquickidea.

When I read those blogs I analyze the points which left untold in the story. A post can’t cover all the aspect of the topic. So I pick those points and create a post around them. This helps me to create a specific topic centric post.

4. Youtube Videos

Videos have their own world and audience. Content and videos don’t create each other path rather they complement to each other. Several boiling ideas are calling us to create content around.


This is a video screenshot from my YouTube channel – Myquickidea. It has approx 2000 views. There are millions of videos on YouTube which are having too many views. You can take inspiration from them and create content around.

5. Your own Experiments:

Experiments results are original data that you can share on your blog. These are your own personal assets which build authority in your niche because you made efforts and bring some useful data at front of your audience.

Share whatever you found through your experiments. This ways you can share some real stats with the blog audience.


Each blogger uses the different method to come up with an amazing blog post idea. Over the time, each one learns and shares the knowledge. If you feel lack of ideas, which is 100% possible, the above tips are really going to help you in long run.

Let me know about your favorite actionable way that gives you most promising results. Or if you have any query left in your mind, please write below in the comment section. I will come up with the right answers shortly.

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