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5 Advanced SEO Tips to Rank Your YouTube Videos

Advanced SEO Tips to Rank Your YouTube Videos
hello,guys in this post I will explain few important key points about youtube that is youtube videos SEO.So many people are having their own YouTube channel and making different types of videos like technology,Cooking,Dance,Gadget reviews and so on but they are uploading the videos in youtube channel after that when we search for that particular videos it does not appear on the first page on youtube.They know about how to create a youtube channel and how to upload a video But,they don’t know  how to optimize that particular video and how to do SEO for that video.If you want to know the correct process to show your youtube videos show’s the first page in that particular keyword.follow me and learn the way of doing youtube videos SEO and after learn you can get better results.
I will explain you the 5-tips to help you rank your YouTube video on the first page on YouTube. 

Best tips for making your Youtube Video on the first page:

Tip-1: Put Keyword in Raw file

Put your keyword in your raw file name.Before uploading a video into your YouTube channel. Rwa file means when we create a video name in that name you first set a proper keyword that video name is known as raw file name it is the first tip for SEO.In that Raw file name add your video name to that video.After uploaded that video on youtube you can see the raw file name in the right side n your video.

Tip-2:Add keyword in Title and Description

You need to put a keyword in your video title and in your video description.First, add that adding keyword in the title after that adding keyword in the first line and add a keyword in the last line in your description box and you should maintain that type of keyword in description minimum two times. 

Tip-3:Optimize your tags by using 3 Tools

Optimize your keywords so what you need to do is optimize your keywords without spending time search using tools that available in google chrome extension.

Why do you use these three extensions and make your video rank high in the search results because each of then unique ability to have to optimize keywords so first, so many people are adding tags but so many people are adding tags but not properly but you can add it properly by using these extensions.

In first I will explain to you how to use 

Advanced SEO Tips to Rank Your YouTube Videos

1.VidiQ vision for YouTube:Using this VidiQ when you search any type of video on youtube you can get secret tags in that particular post why that post showing the first page in that particular keyword. In this tools shows the tags in that posts only it shows less than two links of tags in that tags you can use that time of keyword to your same category videos it is useful to rank your keyword very faster.

Advanced SEO Tips to Rank Your YouTube Videos

2.Heartbeat: First click on the heartbeat extension on the top right corner in google chrome and it opens a window like a box and in that box, you can see search box place your video keyword and hit search.After completed searching tool show you different types of related keywords to your videos you need to do is click green color plus button it appears every keyword fist starting left side choose any keyword and add them to tags it can also rank your keyword in search results.

Advanced SEO Tips to Rank Your YouTube Videos
3.TubeBuddy: In this TubeBuddy after adding tube buddy to your google extension bar you can find that option in below your upload post what you need to do is scroll down the mouse and you can see the option like a clear shot,suggest,explore and translate.First, click on suggest and this tool was analysis your content and your video it is also a part of SEO on this tool. Which is so high recommended rank in the youtube video.
Tip-4:Optimize your Design and your best thumbnail
Optimize your thumbnail in this tip you need to do is first design you thumbnail to get people attraction and once people seen your thumbnail they can get an idea for your video.what do you mean by this process you need to create some nice looking designs and like edit one picture related to your video and your idea is very important the total design is completely based on you way of thinking this is your first step to getting an impression to your visitors and add some logo about your videos and when people are getting interested in your title and thumbnail they click your video and watched.This is the one type of secret tip.

Tip-5:Create a Playlist with related keywords

Use playlist to your videos  to rank your video because playlist also is the list in ranking factors you can search playlist about your video relatedly ad and add that in a playlist and this rise the video first place in search results.This process first you need to do is create playlists it is related to your post and your keyword once you create a playlist and then search keyword by using your keywords and it shows different types of keywords and choose any keyword and add to your playlist that’s it you can get better results on Youtube.

Hello guys if you want to give any type of suggestion (or) any other ways to do SEO for your youtube videos comment below and feel free share this post to your friends and social media and encourage me 

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