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6 Best Android Apps To make Money in 2016

Hi guys. I hope you are fine. Today, I’m going to share some android apps that will help you to make some extra cash. Every buddy wants to make some easy money. And what is more easier than using some apps on your android. This is what we do normally, all day. But we don’t make money. But today I’m going to share those apps that will really help you to make money.

The 21st century is all about technology innovation. People are becoming so advanced that sometimes scientific innovation is making us a shock. Smartphones no doubt are one of the best innovations that are making our lives so easy in so many ways. Yes, you can do a lot on your smartphone. It serves so many purposes at one time. But have you ever thought of making money by using your smartphone? Yes, it is believed that you need to spend a lot of money on your android phone but now you can use it for earning money too. If you own a smartphone then download these simple apps and start earning some money.

There are a lot of scam apps that might make you fool. Don’t be fooled by someone. If you are really interested in earning money through your smartphone than have a look at the article below. I am listing down 6 best Android apps to make Money in 2016. All these Apps are authentic and they really work. All you need to do is go to your play store and download them. Whoa earning money wasn’t that easy before.

1. Wharf:

Wharf is the one of the best and most trusted money making App. Wharf reward is the promotion application that is used to reward the users. There are a lot of tasks that are being done very easily if you are Wharf user. One important thing is that Whaff is the application for android only. It is not available for iPhone not even for windows phone. It is very easy to use this App. Just lay down in your bed and download this App. Invite you’re some of the friends. You should keep one thing in your mind that use only one I’d in one device, using multiple Id’s in one device is prohibited.

Download Now:
Step to follow:
Just follow simple steps and start earning
After you are done with downloading the App in your android phone, open it and log in.
Use your facebook Id and password. Don’t worry about your personal information; it is safe with this App.
After that, you will receive the code and you need to insert the code. Once you will enter the code you will receive some payments in dollars.
How easy and simple it is. So start using it now and earn some money.

2. CashPirate:

Cash pirate is one of the best App for making money through your android phone. It is the best App as you can earn money while you are sleeping. The best thing about this App is “referral program”. You will be getting 10% of your referral and 5% of referral’s, referrals.  Isn’t that so amazing? Cash pirates offer a lot of fun activities as well. You can download games, answer different quizzes and can watch videos. You will get the payment through PayPal, as a mobile recharge or as an Amazon gift card. So what are you waiting for download this app and start earning?

Download now:

3.  Earn Money- The highest paying App:

Earn money is highest paying App and is popular among the users because of its quickest payments. This App runs very well on the android phone and can be easily downloaded from your app store. This app basically uses a coin system in which one coin is equal to 0.1$ that means 100 coins are equal to $1. You need to earn coins by inviting your friends, by downloading games, by answering different surveys to registering to several websites. Download this best app now and start earning.
Download now:

4. mCent:

  mCent is one of the most sought after money making apps. It has been downloaded 450,000 times and is one of the best and authentic App to make money using your android phone. You will get paid by simply downloading several apps and games. In addition to that, it also has referral awards. If your friend signs ups using your referral code you will be getting some gift or reward as well. So don’t waste your time in thinking, just go download this app and make money in your free time.
Download now:

5. ScoopShot:

If you love taking photos than ScoopShot is the app you need. Capture photos and get paid for that. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, ScoopShot will pay users for capturing pictures of any event happening in that area. These photos further will be used by any media person or journalist in their article or somewhere else. This is a great idea. If you are photography freak than ScoopShot is the treat for you. What are you waiting for? Download this app now and start making money by using your photography skills.
Download now:

6. Viggle:

Download Viggle if you are very must interested in watching videos, TV shows and listening music albums. This app will let you earn some reward points just for watching your favorite shows and music albums. All you need to do this just download Viggle and use it to recognize any of your favorite show. It will reward you with some points instantly. In addition to that, they also have a feature called “Viggle Live” in which you can answer some questions to earn points while the show is live. These points will later help you get the gift cards from your favorite outlets.
Download now:
I have tried to list down all the best Apps to earn money through your smartphone. All you need to do is just go to your App store and download the authentic App now. You can now earn besides your job when you are free or bored or at weekends too. How amazing is that, No?
I hope this article is useful for you. If yes then share it with your friends too and start earning now. In case you know something more interesting and informative, leave the comment below.
Thank you for reading.

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