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7 Basic Reasons Why Your Blog Doesn’t Bring Money

7 Basic Reasons Why Your Blog Doesn't Bring Money
An idea that blogging can bring you a six-figure income sounds encouraging, especially for newcomers. So, they join the race, create their own blogs and wait till these blogs bring them at least some money. But they don’t. Are you in the same boat with those bloggers? Then analyze what you might be doing wrong and how to make your blog work.
1. No income sources
I’ve heard bloggers asking about the ways how a blog can bring real revenue. Creating a blog is not enough to earn money. Maybe there are no product ads on your blog at all, or you’ve chosen non-effective products for sale.
What needs to be changed:
Before you set up a blog, think about the products that you could sell with its help. Choose some popular but not highly-competitive products. You need to believe in them and understand why they are valuable for users. If you already have a blog, create a list of all the related services and products that could be advertised through your blog. These can be either your own tutorials, books, services, desktop tools, apps, or someone else’s affiliate products. No matter what you choose, you will also need to mention the selling proposition in your blog posts instead of simply describing topics. However, your posts shouldn’t sound like ads.
2. Lack of subscribers
Even if your blog is perfectly written and it offers some valuable products to users, you still need regular and loyal readers. Promoting your blog is as important as writing it.
What needs to be changed:
Make sure your readers can subscribe to your updates and receive all your posts right to their inbox. But they are very unlikely to do it without a reason. Offer some free products and bonuses to them in exchange for their email addresses. They can be e-books, app trials, tutorials, or other offers they might be tempted to get for free. Use all the proven traffic generation channels to promote your blog and encourage your readers to subscribe. As your subscribers receive your blog updates right in their email inbox, it’s your job to craft really compelling and catchy titles to make sure the emails will be opened at all.
3. Blog is overloaded with ads
When trying to sell too many items on your blog, you eventually end up making no sales at all. If you sell something, it should attract attention and there should be some references to it in the posts. But if you have too many products, you will only make your readers confused, especially if you have too bright and glimmering ads.
What needs to be changed:
Choose one basic service or product that will be well visible for your readers. Make sure it’s not crowded by other ads. Traditionally, blogs have a clean and minimalistic design. Overcrowded blogs will immediately scare all the visitors away and there will be nothing left for them but to close the page.
4. Weak blogging brand
To buy products that you advertise on your blog, readers need to trust you. They are unlikely to listen to the recommendations of someone they cannot trust. The lack of personal information,brand details, or facts usually makes readers indifferent to your selling offers.
What needs to be changed:
To sell products through your blog, you first need to establish a connection with your readers. Don’t write pages about yourself, but provide some key facts that can serve as a good proof why you are a good expert at what you write about. Readers will buy from you only if they see that you understand their concerns, problems, and fears. Show how your product can solve their problems and what they will get in the end. Don’t sound over-promising – rely on facts, figures, and previous experience. Show your photo to the readers, let them know you are a real person who is passionate about your niche and the product you are advertising. They need to see there is much more behind your blog than just business.
5. Bad design
Very often, users don’t even have a chance to read your posts because they leave your blog right after they open it. That’s because of how your blog looks like. I am not referring just to a website layout or the home banner – by bad design, I also mean poor text formatting, bad readability, inappropriate font size, and color selection.
What needs to be changed:
It is highly recommended to create the clean and minimalistic design for your blog. Another factor is the way you organize text. Divide it into separate short paragraphs and use a few subheadings within the text. Today’s readers prefer scanning the text before actually reading it. Make sure they can do it when they come to your blog. Use relevant images or even create custom graphics and illustrations. Don’t use too bright font colors and huge font sizes. This kind of formatting is too distracting and looks outdated. Make sure your blog is not cluttered with ads, CTA’s, links, and other design or formatting elements that can only scare visitors away.
6. Inappropriate choice of a niche 

Some blogs are just easier to monetize than others, which is often because of the niche. Some niches are just so popular that everyone is writing about them.
What needs to be changed:
Find a proper balance between popularity and competition. Don’t choose too competitive topics or some really rare ones. To have a clearer picture of what is going on in search engines, choose a few niches and perform a keyword research to analyze how competitive your selected niches or sub-niches are. However, don’t go too far from the things you are experienced at and knowledgeable about. Very often, bloggers switch from their preferred niches to some more popular ones and eventually fail because they cannot show their best when writing about things they are not passionate about. Remember that sales are, first of all, about emotions. The more you care about something, the better effect you will have on your readers.
7. Not enough time and patience
Blogging requires a lot of time, consistency, persistence, and diligence. Blogging is also about trying various techniques, testing different types of ads, products, CTA’s, approaches, content lengths, writing styles, and lots of other related things. If you are looking for immediate results, it’s not the case with blogging.
What needs to be changed:
Analyze the best practices in your niche, try what others did and improve things that you find irrelevant. Keep track of your blog analytics and analyze everything in detail – bounce rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, the behavior of your CTA’s, etc. Be ready that blogging is a long path. You need to try and test numerous techniques before you start seeing any results.
Still confused about your blogging results?
You invest so much time, effort, and energy in your blog and see no rewards in the long run. It’s demotivating, discouraging, and simply unpleasant. It’s okay to make mistakes, but you need to identify and fix them. Move your blog to the next level and get your rewards.

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