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Android Optimizer Review: Systweak Android Cleaner Makes Up to be a Good One

 Systweak Android Cleaner

While Google has been canny enough to launch newer updates, they aren’t made available to all Android devices. Apparently, users with updated OS are nowhere in the struggle to keep their phones optimized (since that is been taken care by the OS), however, this isn’t the case with older versions. Android devices with aged versions often become sluggish after a certain use. If you happen to fall into the latter category, then we’d recommend you to perform regular cleaning and keep your phone optimized for smooth functioning. Having said that, doing so can be little complicated and chaotic if you don’t have an Android optimizer on your device.

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Today we have Systweak Android Cleaner with us for review. Let’s figure out how it helps Android phones remain optimized and boosted. Stay with me!
First Impression of Systweak Android Cleaner- An Android Optimizer

I started with downloading and launching this android booster, which was pretty quick. Upon launching, its striking UI impressed me the most. It clearly displayed all its features right on its home screen. There are Phone Boost, Battery Saver, Junk Files, Duplicate Files, Hibernate, Game SpeedUp, File Explorer and App Manager features on the app. Let’s see how they work and if they are essential for your phone.

Features of Systweak Android Cleaner
Systweak Android Cleaner lists almost all features that are required to boost up an Android phone.  
Phone Boost:

Phone Boost feature mentions the percentage of occupied RAM and storage being used. This feature helps you optimize RAM on your device. Simply tap on PHONE BOOST button and let it work for you. If you’ll tap on Storage Used feature, the app will direct you to its another feature- File Explorer, from where you can preview and delete any content from your device.
Junk Files:

You phone happen to accumulate junk files on it. Junk Files feature calculates junk files for you, which you can delete once you have previewed them. This feature helps you recover memory space on your phone. However, this android cleaner takes considerable time to calculate and dig out these files, which might bother you when wanting to clean your device quickly.
Duplicate Files:

This feature allows you to clean out duplicate content on your phone. Simply tap on Duplicate Files and let it scan your phone. Upon scanning, the app will categorically detect duplicate files, let you auto-mark them and delete them with a tap.
Hibernate Mode:

This Android optimizer allows you to put your apps on Hibernate mode, which forcefully stops an app. This essentially helps in saving phone battery and internet. The app returns to the normal mode once you open it. In order to put your apps on Hibernate mode, tap on the feature, then on the app and put on Hibernate mode.
File Explorer:

File Explorer lists data available on your phone. You can preview files on your from here and delete redundant ones. This feature is particularly important to keep your data organized and streamlined.  
App Manager:

Unlike the long process, which you follow otherwise, you can uninstall or archive any app with this feature. App Manager is the feature for you to manager your apps well. So now you don’t have to go anywhere to manage apps on your device but a few click on App Manager feature will do it all for you.
Game SpeedUp:
Gaming comes along with smartphones! If you’re are the games and spend most of your time playing games on your device, then this feature is for you. Game SpeedUp helps you optimize and boost up games on your phone, thereby enhance your gaming experience. All you need to do is to launch any game with this feature of Systweak Android Cleaner.
Battery Saver:

Battery consumption is invariably an issue on Android devices. Battery Saver feature extends battery life on your phone up to 50%. This is an extremely helpful feature available on Systweak Android Cleaner, for your device. However, you won’t find it on the home screen, but, you’ll have to tap on three bars stacked icon on its home screen and access this feature. This lists all apps and function on your phone which consumes most battery. You are required to unselect the listed feature or function, in order to stop it from consuming battery on your device.
These are the features of Systweak Android Cleaner, which also make up as essentials on an Android Cleaner. Other than this, it also has 6 themes that help users’ have an amazing app experience. You can select any of it and use the app in your favorite theme.
It is a free app available on Google Play Store and is also handy. In all, I’d say it’s a pretty good app to use. It never removes anything on your device on its own. So there isn’t any harm use this app, rather it helps you keep your phone optimized. 

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