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Dumpster-How to Restore deleted files from Android Devices

Hello, guys in this article I will explain very best one and you don’t know about this app mainly this app will work on android devices when we try android recovery.So many people are using android devices in present days and android phones also increasing day by day and users also increasing day by day but one thing is in sometimes we using the android phone automatically deleting photos (or) videos and some people, unfortunately, deleted their photos and videos but they wants again but they not getting that type of stuff in there phones data recovery for android but everyone are looking and runs a question in mind that is how to recover photos and videos?:right and here is the correct place to get your photos and videos restore to your phone by using one fantastic app and everyone loved that app that is Dumpster.The main purpose why I’m doing this article in a few days ago I saw this problem some of my friends and also I faced that type of problem.I lost my hole photos and videos from my phone but I am tried to get back that stuff but it does not work then I research for that problem how to solve it in the process i got one app that app called Dumpster this solves my problem for present when we install this app on your android devices when the photos or videos deleted on your device before you delete that stuff you already install this app that stuff gets back through this app and I will explain how to install and working process lets follow and enjoy.

What is Dumpster in android recovery ?

The dumpster is work as a recycle bin on your computer and it works as to recover unfortunately deleted content including images,videos,audios,pdf,zip,mp3,mp4 and so on.


  • Restore deleted pictures,music files,videos and almost any type of files.
  • the main feature is this app won’t needed rooting device if you root your device you get more performance.
  • you can use this app offline no need for internet connection.
  • you can easily restore your all files with a single tap.
  • you can send (or) share your files manager very easier.
  • Set a scheduled for the auto clean of old deleted items.
How to Install Dumpster App data recovery for android?
  • First of all, you need to do is google play store.
  • search for Dumpster in the search box and click on search.
  • select the first one the icon is on green color once the app is opened click on install.
  • It asks for accept click on accept.
  • After click accepts and it starts downloading and installed that app to your menu.
  • Once installed is complete come back to the home screen in home screen you can see that icon pop up on your screen.
  • Click on the icon and open it.
  • If you want to install Dumpster app here 
Whole working and checking process:
After completed downloading and installation process of dumpster android recovery then you don’t know how its work and if you want to check it it is working well (or) bad you need to do is take a sample picture from your gallery just for checking purpose only then go to gallery select one picture for testing and select that picture and go to more settings (or) long tap on that picture and select the delete option and click on delete.
Once your process is completed your picture is disappears in you yours gallery then next step is open you Dumpster app and you can see in your app that pictures are placed in the first place ion that app, if you want to restore that app all you need to do, is click on that picture and it shows some options like restore and deleted.
Select the option called restore and once the picture is restored it does not appear on gallery because the Dumpster having some storage it store in that files once restore you picture and go to file manager and search for dumpster data recovery for android  and open it and it shows some different options and files,images,videos and opens the images and get your pictures from that and save to gallery.This process is same for files,apps, and videos if you want to check all then check this way and get it back and restore.
Thank you guys for spend some time to know about Dumpster I hope this app will use for you and if you get good results from this app and share this post with your friends and social media and encourage me and one thing if you have any doubts regarding this article please comment below thank you.

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  • Thank you for this post, will definitely try this. I'm currently using Disk Drill free version right now, but some of my recovered files are damaged.

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