No one can dispute the achievements that technology has made over the past few decades. It just seems like every time you turn around there is a new smartphone or gaming systems that have capabilities that you never dreamed of. And, the scariest thing about all of this is that there is absolutely no sign of slow down. Technology seems like it is just increasing more and more at an alarming rate. With all that being said, you might be surprised to learn that there are probably some truly interesting things about all this technology that you never even knew about. Below, you will learn about some of these interesting things.

Save Yourself Some Printer Ink By Changing Fonts


With the rise of 3D printers and smartphone printers it is no big secret that the printing world has changed forever. Well, when printing documents you might be interested to know that not all fonts are created equally. Of course, you probably already knew that you had the ability to change the size, style, and color of your fonts. However, what you might not have known is that different fonts consume more ink. For instance, a lighter font is produced with lighter strokes, so it takes slightly less ink to put this font on the page. By simply switching to a lighter font you could end up saving yourself as much as 10 cents on each page.

E-mail Was Around Before The World Wide Internet


One of the most interesting facts about the World Wide Web is that e-mail actually existed before the Internet. Most people are astonished when they discover this, because how could e-mail work without an Internet connection? Well, it basically involved a computer being connected to a rotary phone, which allowed it to connect to a service known as Micronet.

Domain Names Have Become A Monopoly

When the Internet was first rising to popularity no one really knew the heights and possibilities that it would reach. In fact, domain name registrations used to be completely free before 1995. You could pretty much register any domain name that you wanted for free. However, in 1995 a company name as Network Solutions garnered the rights to charge people for registering a domain name, and the whole process was expensive. In 1995 it cost right around $100 every two years to own a domain name. Fortunately, in 1997 the price dropped to $70 every two years, and in today’s time, it is even more affordable than ever.

A Computer That Runs On Water

You have probably heard people talking about computers that were big as entire rooms. In fact, this was the actual size of some of the very first computers. Now, people every day take advantage of laptops and other tablets like devices that can be carried around in their arms. Well, one really interesting fact is that in 1936 a Russian man by the name of Vladimir Lukyanov built a computer that actually ran on water. The sole purpose of this computer was to solve the problem of cracking in concrete.

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