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Five Best Android App Launchers you need to Know.

So you finally bought that new phone you’ve been drooling over the last few months. or even you’re beginning to get bored of your relationship along with your device and believe you’ve got to spice things up to avoid breaking apart with it. perhaps you’ve heard this “launcher” word from your Android-obsessed friend, however, you don’t recognize what all the fuss is regarding. Launchers are an attractive a part of Android: you only transfer a number of megabytes and it’s such as you have a replacement phone.
As usually is that the case, there are some established, well-respected names similarly as some newer selections attempting to disrupt the class with compelling options. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer or if you’ve had an android device since the G1, you’ll wish to see these launchers out. I’m positive you’ll notice one thing that caters to your desires.
Action Launcher:

Developer: Chris Lacy

Price: Free, with $4.55 in-app purchase

I’m gonna go against public opinion and can say that Action Launcher is that the best third-party launcher. Why? It incorporates many options that cause you to use your launcher in a very altogether totally different means. Shutters, covers, Quickpage, Quicktime, and that I might continue forever.
Action Launcher may be a prime example of the customization you’ll be able to get on Android: it’s a powerful quantity of options that I keep exploitation everyday and can’t live without any longer.The first issue you’ll notice is Action Launcher’s Quicktime. It analyzes the colours of your background image and modify many parts consequently.
There’s additionally an aspect panel wherever you’ll have an alphabetically-sorted list with all of your apps. If you like to have an app drawer, there’s one too, and you’ll be able to tack together it to scroll vertically or horizontally.
Inside the home screens, the foremost necessary options that Action Launcher provides are covers and shutters. It’s a special twist on the standard folder setup.
When you convert a folder into a cover, the primary icon within it’ll take its place, and touch it’ll begin the app as was common. However, swiping it’ll open the folder below it. Also, swiping individual icons can open a shutter, that shows a widget of your selection. each of those options assists you has a tidy however extraordinarily purposeful home screen.
There are many options I can’t mention for the sake of brevity (Quickpage, Quickbar, icon normalization, and gestures return to mind). however you’ll be able to attempt Action Launcher for yourself, and believe me, you won’t be disappointed. There’s a $4.55 in-app purchase that unlocks some options, however, most of the vital options are free.


The launcher customizes itself consistent with your wallpaper.
Shutters and covers.
Drawer at each side: one for apps, and one for whatever you would like.Amazing feature set and customization choices.The free version is often a bit annoying once asking you to shop for the professional version, however, it’s not a deal-breaker in the least.

Nova Launcher:

Developer: Tesla Coil computer code

Price: Free, with a separate premium key for $4.99
The fan-favorite is here. A launcher roundup simply feels incomplete while not nova Launcher. For many years, it’s been the DE-facto various to those ugly, laggy, and restricted offerings that makers keep slapping on devices. Rock-solid performance, additional options than you’ll ever use and constant support are only a number of reasons to settle on it as your default launcher.
In previous versions, star Launcher inhabited your home screen with widgets that helped you to import settings from alternative launchers. However, recent iterations of the app keep it simple, putting in place your home screen a handful of folders and a Google Search bar. Also, there’s a choice to flip folders into Nova’s own version of Action Launcher’s covers.
Meanwhile, the app drawer incorporates vertical scroll, just like what Google introduced last year on its own launcher. alternative fascinating options embrace folders within the app drawer, uninformed count badges, icon size normalization, and pull to look.
Launch nova Settings and drool at the quantity of obtainable choices. So. Many. Options. completely everything you’ll be able to think about customizing are often done here. you’ll be able to customize the grid size, icon layout, dock personalization, folder customization, gestures, and everything in between.
It positively is also one among the most customization apps within the Play Store, and that’s why it’s therefore appreciated and revered within the all tech future.Shelling out $4.99 for nova Prime can offer you access to many choices (primarily gestures). Also, you’ll be able to be assured that your cash can offer you access to future options.
I’ve been exploitation nova Launcher on and off for four years and it’s ne’er discomfited me. nova is one amongst the foremost emblematic apps within the android system, and, if you would like a launcher during which you’re up to speed regarding however everything works, then provides it an attempt.


Extremely fluid, smooth, and performant.
A massive quantity of choices at your disposal.
First one to implement icon standardization.
Seriously? I haven’t found one in four years.

Google now Launcher:

Developer: Google inc.

Price: Free
The most obvious selection for several is Google now Launcher. It’s the launcher that comes put in by default on Nexus devices {and several|and a number of alternative|and several other} other phones whose makers value more highly to keep their android experience as stock as potential. Being maintained by Google directly, it’s the launcher during which our android lords dictate the long run of the platform.The most distinguishable feature Google now Launcher offers is its tight integration with Google Search and Google now. If you’ve got Google now turned on, the left-most home screen is totally dedicated to Google now. Having such a fast access to currently cards feels therefore natural once a moment that exploitation it through alternative strategies feels a little bit cumbersome.
The rest of the launcher itself is pretty simple. A Google search bar accompanies you on each screen. you’ll be able to have a (theoretically) unlimited quantity of home screens, however, the tiny page indicator at the lowest can stop count at twenty.

Back once Lollipop came out, the app drawer featured horizontal navigation during which apps were sorted in cards. However, this modified with the discharge of marshmallow. Now, the launcher scrolls vertically, along with your most used apps (according to the launcher, since they’re not customizable) at the highest. There’s a research bar at the highest of the drawer, which might even be accessed by long-pressing the app drawer icon.
The biggest draw back of Google now Launcher is that it lacks the extent of customization offered by alternative launchers. No icon packs, no home screen grid dynamical, and no gestures. You can’t even modification the Google Search bar position. If you wish what Google offers, then choose it. If you’re searching for customization, you’ll need to look elsewhere.


Stock, clean experience.Google now continuously present within the left-most screen.Maintained by Google, therefore things can most likely ne’er break.Not as customizable as alternative selections.Settings are situated within the Google App, which might be confusing for a few individuals.                                         

Lucid Launcher:

Developer: powerpoint45

Price: Free, with separate $2.00 pro app

Definitely one amongst the lesser legendary names within the launcher class, Lucid Launcher adds some twists and options to create it completely different from alternative alternatives.
The most necessary feature is certainly its peculiar home screen. it’s three pages: an inventory of apps to the left, your home screens at the middle, and an internet browser to the right. Yes, an internet browser, within your home screen in the least times.
One of the primary things you’ll notice upon installation is that the house screen scrolls each horizontally and vertically. Horizontal navigation can take you between the screens mentioned previously. Place yourself on the center screen, however, and you’ll be ready to scroll vertically. Neat, right? additionally, you’ll have completely different layouts for portrait and landscape orientation.

The app list options vertical navigation, and has an always-visible search bar at the highest. once you install associate app, Lucid can add a white glow around its icon to mark it as new. There’s a hidden bar at the aspect, that you’ll be able to reveal by swiping from the left edge or by pressing the hamburger menu within the high bar. this can show an inventory of what Lucid calls “Favorite Apps.”
Coming back to the browser, it’s clearly not as full-featured as Google Chrome or Firefox, however it’s not barebones either. It masses pages as quickly as Chrome or any intrinsic  browser within apps. you can management tabs from a sidebar hidden to the proper of the browser (similar to however you reveal your favorite apps), add them to bookmarks, notice in page, and set as homepage.
There are some choices you can modification, just like the default program, a toggle to continuously request desktop sites, and take away all browser traces. Overall it’s a nice factor to own, and one that might doubtless cause you to ditch your current browser setup.
Unlike all alternative launchers within the list, Lucid is free however ad supported. There’s a $2.00 professional version, that isn’t associate in-app purchase, however a very completely different app listing. this can unlock additional gestures, animations, some customization choices, and can fully take away ads. i think the value is worthwhile. Lucid is certainly a feature-packed launcher that brings some innovative options to the table, and one that ought to get additional attention.


Innovative navigation on home screens.Built-in browser on right-most screen.
Layout for portrait and landscape orientations.Sporadic stability problems.Arranging widgets on the house screen are often a trifle cumbersome.

Arrow Launcher:

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Price: Free

It’s no secret that Microsoft is actually committed to creating android apps. it’s worked for a handful of years in transfer quality apps and services to the platform. Some folks say that it even brings additional quality to its android merchandise than to its Windows Phone counterparts. Anyways, Arrow Launcher is that the results of many months of development, and it brings completely different, helpful options in a very extremely attractive package.
When you set it up, Arrow analyzes your apps and determines those you utilize the most. It causes you to opt for a minimum of 5 of those apps in order that they are often 1st and foremost on your home screen. However, once swiping to your alternative screens, you’ll see that this is often not a traditional launcher.
The left-most screen is dedicated to widgets. There’s additionally a page that shows recent activity, like recently used apps, new photos taken, fresh put in apps, and calls activity. To the proper, you’ll see a page known as folks, that shows recent calls you created and received, SMS activity, and contains a road to the dialer. Finally, the right-most screen is that the home to Notes and Reminders.
Another perk of Arrow Launcher is one known as Wallpaper of the Day. You keep in mind that Bing Search changes its background every day, right? Arrow will automatically modification your background image to match Bing’s wallpaper.
The dock incorporates associate innovative answer by adding a slide-up panel to that, during which you’ll notice fast settings toggles, brightness slider, and most used apps, slightly just like centre on iOS devices. a fast visit to the app drawer reveals an inventory of apps categorised alphabetically, while showing your most used and recently install apps at the highest.
There’s additionally a tab for widgets, just like what launchers did within the pre-Lollipop era. it’s particular and also the scroll bar with the animated letters whereas navigating the drawer is neat.
Unlike alternative third-party launchers during this list, Arrow is provided freed from charge, with no in-app purchases. Granted, what Microsoft would gain from charging for its launcher would most likely do nothing to their bottom line, so that they are specializing in attracting new users instead. For now, however, the launcher may be a very little short on customization choices, however, custom icon packs and activity apps are supported.
If you would like a better-looking, purposeful launcher for your device, Microsoft has in its hands an extremely smart product that works dead out of the box, and, with the computer code giant’s support behind it, Arrow Launcher will solely improve.


Self-populated screens with helpful info and options.Gorgeous home screens with blur effects, well-placed parts, and also the selection of downloading wallpapers automatically from Bing.Dock doubles as a bearing Center-like toolbar.Few customization choices.

Which one is correct for you?
As we are able to see, every launcher offers completely different approaches, practicality and appears. If you’re wanting to manage completely each side of your launcher, from grid size to gestures, then you can’t get it wrong with Action or nova.
If you favor an additional efficient, clean look that closely follows Google’s Material design, are a significant Google currently the user, and may address the shortage of customization, then Google currently Launcher is certainly a no brainer.
If you’ve already tried the previously mentioned launchers and need to check out a handful of launchers that move far from the normal means of doing stuff, Lucid and Arrow are for you.
Some launchers were sadly missed, however, that doesn’t mean they’re dangerous. Apex Launcher may be a home name within the android community. Buzz Launcher and Lightning Launcher focus heavily on customization.
Active offers an identical approach to Arrow, however, it suffers from a rather teasing Yahoo services integration. sensible Launcher categorizes your apps to create your phone easier to use.
Thanks to the openness of android, there’s one thing for each style, and you actually can’t get it wrong with any selection. spend a few of days with every launcher, choose one, and enjoy!

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