Google Chrome update:” Morning Reader ” Extension for Daily News.

Google Chrome update

Hello, friends,In this day’s so many people are reading daily news on the internet new in this way Google chrome is getting to add ” Morning Reader ” chrome extension for all daily readers in google . How can you get this extension in google? step by step process.
Go to google in the right side corner you can see that apps icon appears.I will put you screen shots for easily understand.

This step Go to web store it will take to you search bar for search what ever you want.

In this step, you can search for ”Morning Reader”.It shows the extension of that app.Click on the add to chrome in the right side of that extension icon.


After adding the extension what you need to do is go to settings and more tool and it shows extension option click on that option and scrolls down a search for extension.

Click on the right side of that app tick mark to the extension you will get daily news.

If there’s one factor refreshing about Google is that its main page is clean and tidy and wherever you merely have a research bar. this is often versus search engines from back within the day like Yahoo and Lycos wherever they acted as net portals, and wherever they tried to load the maximum amount info on the front page as potential, like news, sports, the weather, stock info, and etc.
However, it looks that it’s potential that Chrome may before long be obtaining the same feature. in step with recent discoveries within the metal Bug hunter, there are references created to “zine” and “morning reads”, with the previous touching on “magazines”. whereas it’s still unclear on what this might mean, it’s been speculated that it may mean that once the Chrome browser is launched within the morning, it might provide users a bunch of stories articles that it thinks that they could have an interest in.
The listing additionally mentioned some enhancements that might be created to the feature, like however news can solely be fetched at bound times of the day therefore as to not be an information hog or to forestall itself from being too spammy. it’s additionally been suggested that Chrome may coalesce with alternative wake-up events, like associate alarm maybe.
No word on whether or not Google can truly create this a feature out there to the general public, and since firms like Google tend to check options each therefore typically, it’s arduous to mention if this is often simply associate experimental feature or a potential future build of Chrome.

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