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How to Activate Dual Whatsapp Accounts in Android Device

Activate Dual Whatsapp Accounts in Android Device

I will tell you today how to activate two WhatsApp accounts in android devices using DISA App.That  helped you today app name OG Whatsapp but,that has become absolute now and it is no more working it has been considering as like illegal to activate WhatsApp on phones.

Actually, I placed one tutorial but so many people ask how you can activate two WhatsApp accounts in single android device please find it the another option in order to active the two WhatsApp accounts.So,I have been searching for that solution activating two WhatsApp accounts in one device.In this time, the app directly from play stores it is available in the play store itself.
So, that will be like legal one and even that stop working.I have start search for the new one.

Let have the what you have the requirements:-

Basically, you just have need two activated WhatsApp numbers.No-Root needed in order to active two WhatsApp accounts in your device.




Download this DISA apk here click on below:

Now let tell you how you can activate the two WhatsApp account in a single android device,so the very first thing you need to do open the WhatsApp.Which is already installed on your phone open the WhatsApp and the first thing is you need to do open WhatsApp and settings option on your phone.

Click on the chat setting and backup all conversations you directly have WhatsApp backup chats on your WhatsApp and exit the WhatsApp.Now you have to uninstall the WhatsApp.Open the play store type in the app name DISA select the app to click on install.

These are basically merges all the messaging applications to burn app once it is done open the app go next and you need to select(I have read the terms and conditions) and select accept.Once it is done click on ad service it will basically search for all plugin which is available for this app so you need to select WhatsApp plugin it will search automatically root the WhatsApp plugin on your phone.

Once you see the messages download succeeded restart the app restart option is given below the app.Click on the restart and restart the DISA app once it is done.

Click go to settings option you will see the option of the WhatsApp.Click on that WhatsApp and click on I understand type in your name.The mobile number which has to need activate the WhatsApp.So you will type WhatsApp number sim is on another android device you have with you type that number in given box.

Click on next conform select via SMS you can see activation code has been sent to your another android device sim in that device you can just need to type in that code and click on submit.This will activate the WhatsApp of another number which is on another device using DISA app.Once it is done you will able to see that it is showing the status as WhatsApp and its turn on the device.

Now activate your main WhatsApp number go to the play store download official WhatsApp messenger from play store in this WhatsApp messenger you will require you the main number that you want the run on your device.

Click on download wait for installation once it is done openly WhatsApp this normal registration process which generally follows click on agree & continue type in the second number that you want to register on your phone that is the main number for WhatsApp account.

You want to activate the main number usually you did earlier and wait for the registration.Once it is done you will get a confirmation again type in the name that you want to give your main number account.Give the same name for earlier account name also it is no problem at all click on next and wait for next initializing process clicks on continues and it is done.

Using DISA app you can activate two Whatsapp number so,this is the way guys that you can activate two Whatsapp number on the single android device.You can see that it was very simple with the help of using DISA app.You can active one number on that app and another number is used main official WhatsApp account.

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