How to Add Google Adsense Ads on Blogger Blog

Add Google Adsense Ads on Blog

Hi friends,today I will explain to you how to add Google Adsense ads on a blog. I will tell you two methods to paste adds on your blog.

First login to your Google Account and open your Google Adsense Account in a new tab.Open your Blogger account lets go to my ads and go to URL channel add tour blog on URL channel.I will show you the screenshot for you can identify easily.

Copy and Paste your URL also click on add URL channel and click on add unit give a name for new add unit.I will tell you an example for Adsense and add your ad size and save add type.Backup adds in that box already have show blank page and don’t change the box to another type don’t add any new custom channels.

Use custom settings select font family of you to add unit I select Arial and font size is large and finally click on save and get a code.Copy that code and go to your blog you can select any type of blog to add your account select one blog and go to layout option that is on left side top corner click on that and go to add gadget button on the right side page.

Click on that go to HTML/JavaScript option and paste that code save the code and it appears in that page and drags you add which is appear on the blog drag you add anywhere to your blog and click on save changes and click view blog.If you can remove this add  another click on that layout page go to add section click edit and top on remove option that removes to add on the blog.If you can add ads on you blog it appears in your blog takes few minutes to appear.


If you use old interface, first of all, go to overview and go to settings and click on revert to blogger profile go to the design of that blog same thing add a gadget and click on HTML/JavaScript add the code ads click on save.Also that finally click save button and click view blog within ten minutes your new ads appear on your blog.Go to Google Adsense and click on home to see your daily earning.

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