How to Block a Number from Phone Call and Free Text Messages in Android Phone.

Free Text Messages in Android Phone.
Hello, friends, In these days so many people are receiving a fake call and free text messages this is the reason how people searching How to block a number from a phone call and free text messages in android phones” there is no signal to fix this type of unwanted phone calls and free text messages.
I will tell you today how to overcomes these two block numbers and free text This is two types of methods to block number and free text messages.
The first thing you need to do is find out if your phone has any built tool for blocking call and free text because of most of the manufacturers are already put this option in settings for blocking call, but not for blocking free text messages.
These methods are should work in more devices on the market if your android phone is not included with this option start with this method.

First,go to settings on your android device .Go and tap on my phone option.From this option, your should see cell settings click on that .It shows different options call rejections,set up call rejection messages, answering/ending calls and more.Go and tap call rejection once you tap that option it will be taken to the call rejection menu you can see two option reject mode and 2. auto reject list. reject mode- that just the option that turns off the cell reject entirely (or) reject all members. reject list- you can also set it to reject number in auto reject list.
In auto reject list you can do there is you can do two things one you can input numbers manually by tapping on create and type input whatever number block and once you do that go head tap on save it show trick to block that number and second one you can block another in click on aviator icon in this option you can number through two-way one can number.You can add numbers to blogs and you can add number through contacts.In this way, you and block call in SAMSUNG.

In HTC is the only smartphone that can inbuild the option much easier.

Go to phone option tap on a phone it shows different types of options all you know.Go to phone menu it will take to menu option show different option like people,call history,settings,blocked caller and more.Click on blocked caller and it shows one option that adds caller.
Click on add caller it will also show two types of options to block call one is select from a phone and second add number.Click on select from a phone and choose your contact what your person don’t like and select a on save you get saved from the block caller list.



If you can block call and free text messages in android phone you can use an app called call block (Block call (or) SMS).Call Block is a not price app it is fully featured free app to block a call from harassing call and free text messages from you this app will be a good help to avoid harassment when you at work,meeting,driving and rest time.

You can download Call Block app here (DOWNLOAD).


”Blacklist” is an app can block call and free text.It is a very simple to list to block call and messages you can create a block list with the number you don’t want in your contact list.It will appear on the list will be blocked.The main thing about this app is it has a bunch of people settings.You can set a schedule for which number should block it will automatically sad a text to block calls .

You can download block list app her (DOWNLOAD).


”True caller” is one of the most popular apps for blocking call and seeing caller ID location SIM details so many people also use this app true caller can help to identify unknown incoming calls and block unwanted calls through a spam list users helps report unwanted/spam/scam calls.

You can download this app here (DOWNLOAD).


”SMS blocker” if you want to only block text messages here SMS blocker app for you.You can block text contain phrases and words.The app will also automatically block spam without and setup it show all blocked messages are stored in a separate inbox folder.
You can download SMS blocker app here (DOWNLOAD).

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