How to Change “Admin” Email ID in Blogger.

How to Change "Admin"  Email ID in Blogger.

Hello, friends,here I explain how to switch your blog’s between account to another account.Recently find out the google blog (or) blogger has help feature and find that you just scroll down your blogger dashboard in the bottom left side you can see that help center is there click on that the help center is open and search for what you want to do type (Switch blog from one account to another ) and click on search.
It shows different types of blogs to change blogger admin email id.Select first on that gives you very easy to follow instructions and which you have done and I also explain you how to change admin email id in blogger.
I will explain in step by step process for your easy understand.

First of all, go to google search for blogger and log in with your blogger account and once your blogger page is opened. I will paste screenshots for what I am doing this and you can understand easier you can see that step by step images.

Select your blog which blog change admin email id.You have different types of a blog to do and select one blog to change admin id go to settings on that blog.

In settings, it shows different options you go to search for Permissions it’s easy to identify because of it in the third main option in that page.

Click the add authors you can add your another email id to change admin id to that email id.Click on invite authors it sends you invitation mail to your new Email account.
Now go to your Gmail account you can see that invitation mail is in your inbox.Open the mail it shows sign in your blog in that new mail click on the caption and signs in with your new mail account that is which authors to add in your previous blog. After sign in click on accept the invitation, it shows your blogger profile associated with your new mail account just click continue to blogger.

In this way, you can change admin email is .You can do another thing that is change author to admin in that way you can see all settings of your blog otherwise you don’t see all settings in your blog.
First, go to blogger settings in your old email id go to permissions in that you can see your new mail account is added in your blogger authors now what you need to do is change old mail admin to author and change new mail author to admin .Once change this two points and sign out your old Gmail account using blogger and sign in with new Gmail account in this way you can get all settings and change admin to another account.

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