How to Control Someone’s Computer Using free remote support software

free remote support software

Hello friends, today I will tell you how to control someone’s computer by using free remote support software call Team Viewer.
You can control over somebody computer this is a legal software very genuine one it is a for free you can use for personal but if you have a business you have to purchase a licence it is very safe program no virus at all.
So the first one which one do it open your internet browser before opening first of all turn on your internet connection and open the web browser like Google,Yahoo and Bing whatever it is and search TeamViewer.com and search the page once the page has loaded you can see different types of options to choose the website.

In the team viewer program, you can download different types like Windows, Mac, Linex  and iPhone (or) iPad and Android.So basically this works on the multi-OS system.
What you want to do just go to download button you can download directly click here.It shows on left side green colour button for download. The website is automatically listed operating system website recognized if have Windows,then you have Mac and also click on Mac is well.
It shows two files these two files are very important for downloading 1.All in one Team Viewer full version, and 2. Instant customer Team Viewer. Now if you would like to download the first one it correct decision its very good one second also support you would download the second one.I suggest you download first one.

All In One Team Viewer Full Version:

Got to first one click on download and it starts downloading and the program is completed download once quit your web browser you can see the Team Viewer application on the desktop.
Click on that application and run the Team Viewer you can wait few seconds to open it is very similar to the quick Team Viewer .If you already download quick viewer earlier but first start full version team viewer the program without installing click next and it gives access the license agreement terms of team viewer click accept finally you got develop box for the all in one support for Team Viewer 7 full version for personal use only.
Powerful and flexible groups sharing enjoy total control of all the groups in your computer and contact list also.If you have been granted full access you can share group that has shared group.Save time with multi-selection work more efficiently by selecting multiple contacts or devices at once from within your computer and contact list.
If you would like a business version you would have to pay couple of money for it come to free version if gives aid and password for similar to Team Viewer quick so basically if you have to access your friend PC (or) laptop also it will give a partner id (or) your friend team viewer id and types your friend id in your team viewer and click on connect to partner it will connect you friend system and you can control you friend computer (or) Laptop.

Instant Customer Team Viewer Quick Support:

In this Quick, Team Viewer is process is very similar to the full version of Team Viewer.Go to google search and search for Team Viewer you can see the different types of websites related to the word called Team Viewer click one first one it shows so many os you can go what you’re used and click on Quick Team Viewer and download the Quick Team Viewer.
After downloading is completed once quit you web browser and it shows Quick Team Viewer application and opens it click on run and it shows you some details of Quick Team Viewer it shows licence agreement terms click on accept after clicking on that click next.
It give you a id and password it is similar to full version of team viewer so basically if you want to access your partner system download this same program also in your partner system also and it shows id of your partner and types that id and clicks on start and your partner system home screen appear on your system screen and you can control system.

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