How to Get a Godady Domain Name for 99 Rupees

Get a Godady Domain Name for 99 Rupees

Hello, friends, i will tell you today how to buy  (or) get a cheap domain name for your website.Choosing your good domain name for your website very important and very basic step to create a good website.Because,if your domain is more SEO friendly your website is automatically more top SEO website in searches.
Your website will come to the first page in the google search results.They are so many domains name providers in the market like crazy domains.in and Bigrocks.com etc.Personally, I suggest you GODADDY.COM because it is very popular in all part of the world it is very simple use not difficult any at all for creating purpose and useful website.I will show you screenshots of the website how to go step by step process.

First go to google search for GoDaddy after searching the page is opened it show a search bar in which type the domain name what you want to buy like alltechfuture.com  and click on search but, it show this domain name is not available because I already buy this domain name but it shows relative domain name like alltecfuture.com and few more if you want to buy your different domain it will available click on cart.

They are four types of domain names which are available in the market. First one is normal domain name for normal price Second one is premium domain name for which is highly priced and Third one is the auction domain in which you have to take part in auction and you have to make a bid to buy the domain name the fourth one is that you can buy directly from the owner.
So,if you want any type of domian.com , .in (or) .org than search domain you want when it available click on add and your domain will be added on cart click on continue then next page leaves all options to come to the bottom of the page click on continue to cart.It will take some time to open cart.I will show screenshots of the procedure.

It opens the billing area you can choose you to have to buy a domain name for 1 year,2 years,3,4 and 5 years. Let’s keep it one year sometimes it shows more rupees than you want to buy domain name only for 99 rupees than open another new window on your PC and go to google search for GoDaddy domain coupon codes for 99 rupees.
It shows different types of coupon code website providers.you can choose best one and copy the coupon code and place it in GoDaddy billing process and click proceed to check out.But in some cases choose this type in this way you don’t want it.
In this post not useful click on one year the money is changed to 111 rupees it includes all taxes and clicks on proceed to checkout.In another page it shows different types of options to pay amount for you first  click on net banking process it show  different banks to pay and click on one bank which bank you have bank account and fill all details of your ATM card information and click check out after complete buy your domain via bank account it send a  message to successfully pay information and your domain is your own for one year validity.

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