How to Make Money Online – Top 10

 How to Make Money Online
Hello friends,today I will help you to grow your future by following these 10 easy ways to make money on the internet.In present days so many people are very problem about money they people are searching for jobs but have good working skills, you get more money on the internet so many companies  are waiting for you utilize your work here to grow your future and make money I will tell you 10 ways to make money on the internet….


In this FreeLancer.com, they are millions of individual people are companies out sourcing these works for normal people like you and me the FreeLancer.com is one of the best marketplaces for FreeLancers.May be many of you are students (or) job seekers are may you got a dam job what ever in FreeLancer.com you can make serious money.
Simply signup submit your skills they are millions and billions of projects are waiting for you search and choose right one for you and complete your task perfectly and submit you get money when submitting your work.Payment methods are via PayPal,wire transfer, money bookers, and FreeLancer.com debit master card.


Now it’s name change to upwork.com. It is another great market place for fee lancers it’s pretty much similar to FreeLancer.com and signup in upwork.com search for your work the works on upwork.com (or) freelancer jobs.
Example-IF your are graphic designer and you have to design logo’s in they are many people are companies need people like you to create logo for them and they will pay’s they are so many verities of works in upwork.com to make clear and platy any thing can be done on a computer from the web mobile programming to graphic design it  is the place sell your talent and skills.If you take is seriously become the best-paying profession for you upwork.com giving such an outstanding service payment method via PayPal etc.


Mega typers is a work first management company that provide data entry service to private & government institution megatypers.com offers data entry jobs it is really easy to work on megatypers.com if you have some good typing skills go to it.It is a work of converting scan papers into eligible digital documents you first look the image and simply type it in the given box before the times goes out and press enter.
First, keep doing it the process is also known as pay capt-ch typing we can see capt-ch in many situations in your daily internet life example you can create G-mail account it finally asks capt-ch code.Then you keep typing more and more get more money.
This is different rates depends on which how you are work ex: If yo work 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm hour rate may be 4$ per 1000 words and this same day work on 1:00 am to 2:00 am your hour rate may be 9$ it keeps on changing depends on sell factors.They rate may be high (or) low what ever but it is an other best way to start making money easy and quick on online just signup to mega typers in payment method via debit card,bank check, web money,western union etc.

4.” ADF.LY ”

adf.ly is linked shorten website like go.ly and tiny.url the URL shorten service helps us to transform (or) short any longer ugly looking URL to a short trim and attracted URL but,however, fly have some difference from tiny.url and go.ly.adf.ly links contain ads if some on click and fly shorten URL they while seeing 5 seconds banner which is show an adds before redirecting to the actual URL and you will get paid.
You can short any links on the web and promote them on your website fan page (or) anywhere on the internet  when people can see it and make them attractive and get more clicks adf.ly has a CPM based system.Your CPM right may depend on several factors. adf.ly  payment method via Paypal etc .
5.” fIVERR.COM ”

Fiverr.com is a global online market place offering tasks and services for giving cost 5$ for a job you can perform from which get it name site is primarily used freelancers who offer services to customers.
This is not my definition this is what google the founds Fiverr.com this is another amazing seller skill for money making ex: If you good at creating video entries you can sell them on Fiverr.com literally can sell anything done on a computer (or) internet fan page promotions.


Have you hear about Blogging (or) Blogger’s people are they are making money from these blogs can you interest is just simply signup to Blogger and start righting blog posts you can right about any thing if you have a good writing skill on any matter about subject idea must comes for your heart once you done monetize your Blog.
Keep posting new Blog post it is an other best way to make money online check out Blogger.com number one Blogging platform on the internet by Google.You can associate your Blog with any advertising network our their like Google Adsense, Infolink , Doubleclick , Mad adds and many other that’s how you make money on blogger about the payment.It depends on which add network you choose some add networks offers payments Paypal and some other offers (or) check it is your decision you signup with what ever you check out the official website.


It is becoming very easy to create an app nowadays you can create apps for major platforms like Android , IOS , Windows phones and games consults monetize them sell them via official store ex: Play store create a good app if you have talent make millions by just creating a single app .
If you have good skills in gaming and create a good game and sell it in Play store people likes your game gives rating for your game (or) app what ever it may be but once like your game you got million of millions money through one game if you are interested it then going for it and create any type of games or app.


Create a website is some what similar to creating a blog but it much better than a blog on the internet every thing is a website you can create a website for any purpose.Thick your mind following idea plane it will and develop you website get a domain and host them. 
Many sites providing hosting and domain get  selling for all types are very low-cost ex: godady.com , name cheap.com , name.com so set your goal get a domain and work on it and final result it’s only success.If you bus in godady.com go to GoDaddy and type which domain you want and click search if a domain is available and buy domain start any type of website your interest.


Sponsored tweet allows top brands take into a twitter user followers to reach new customers by giving companies axis your twitter stream.Twitter are combined for each advertisement accept.If someone’s clicks on your sponsored tweet you well get paid.If you are regular twitter you have outstanding followers if it is not hard to achieve top level earnings anyway it is one of the best and easy way to earn money online on the top 10 list payment methods via Paypal etc.


Which you are watching videos 1 billion unique visitors in one month. Youtube is a resounding success and it in 1st place for entertainment,education and more in the best place for making serious money online.
Once you can create a Google account and signup to youtube and upload your own creative video  monetize it and you can earn money it depends on your visitors and views don’t worry about that your experience it will grow up with you.Start making videos now as well as a great profitable business today may be you can make million (or ) billions but at least you can make a few thousand dollars each month.
Start upload video in youtube is successful youtube.Youtube payment method they are several confusions thing about that but may opinion you can signup with google Adsense link via bank account (or) bank check am recommend you getting partner with youtube partnership network like Bent Pixels getting money through PayPal more, as well as Bent Pixels, has good revenue percentage up to 90% it is one of the best Youtube earn methods.

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