How To Promote Your Brand On INSTAGRAM

How To Promote Your Brand On INSTAGRAM

Marketing on Instagram is trending these days. It has over 600 million users, hence advertising your product portfolio over Instagram is likely to prove fruitful.
Set up and maintain your profile
In order to successfully promote your brand on Instagram, you must have a decent profile, to begin with. Your brand page must have sufficient information about your products or services and a link to your official brand website must be provided.
Make sure to keep your page active throughout the day by regularly posting stuff related to your brand. You could always hire admins and entrust them with the responsibility of keeping your page active.
Also, it is advised to link your Instagram account to your Facebook account, in order to reach a larger audience.
Moreover, your brand page on Instagram must follow a specific decorum. The content you post must always be decent and pleasant. Your posts should also preferably exhibit professionalism, and you could do this by adding logo watermarks in your pictures.
Promote your brand page
Once you’ve got a decent Instagram page for your brand, you have to promote it.
Initially, you need followers to popularize your page. Gaining followers through the traditional method would be a restrained process. Instead, you could use Instagram tools to buy Instagram followers. There are many of tools out there, but Vibbi is one of the leading Instagram tools.
You could use Vibbi to buy Instagram followers and get them delivered to you in a short time. You can also buy likes and views for your Instagram posts, from Vibbi.

Moreover, this tool will also assist you with your marketing strategies and their blog will keep you updated about latest market trends.
You can also backup your content through this tool.
Promote your posts
Once you’ve got enough followers, it is necessary to keep them tied up with your page. To interact with your audience, you can do a lot of interesting stuff. You can announce giveaways and lucky draws. You can also post pictures and ask people to tag their friends.
To ensure regular posting on your page, scheduled posting could be done via Instagram tools. Your posts must have interesting and preferably question style captions. This will ensure more response from your audience.
Hashtags and hashtag campaigns can also keep your audience engaged and may attract new audiences.
Maintain and boost your popularity
Popular brand pages must be maintained and revamped. You could use Instagram tools to analyze statistics about your page and plan a strategy accordingly. Competitors’ statistics could also be reviewed through Instagram tools.  
If your page is credible enough, you could facilitate your audience by turning Instagram profiles into shoppable galleries. This could be done by integrating Instagram galleries into e-commerce websites.

Also, to keep your audience engaged, you must keep up with internet trends and try to relate them with your brand. You can also update Instagram stories and monitor the number of views to measure your growth.

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