How To Track Your Lost Android Phone using Android Device Manager

You may want to track the location of your android device for various reasons it’s lost stolen (or) simply want to use it as an additional security for your family members.Well google provide this amazing but less known feature to track location of your android device this can be done through desktop (or) through another android handset.

Methods for checking the settings:

  • First you need to do is go to play store on the android device search for android device manager and once it popup click on install once install this app go back to your settings menu scroll down a bit and you will see location if you don’t see location under personal check it under personalize menu and open the same it currently set it off check for on and agree and go back to settings menu click on security and scroll down a bit and you will see device administrators open and click that option android device manager and activate now.Go back to android device manager app and open the app and login with your google account details it show your device information. If your add more devices already choose your current device and click on that device and it shows location on your device you can zoom in (or) zoom out depending upon you own personal preferences how do you want to see thing device.
  • The open menu on your phone and go to google settings and it popup in some options.In this time what you need to do is go down to android device manager and it shows two options one is remotely located and another one allows remote lock and factory reset.Turn on the first option then you need to check out the box for allowing remote lock.

You can also track your android device on the desktop for that open browser in your desktop on the google search for android device manager open the first link and log in with your google account as same as your android device currently used.They are giving three options ring,lock and erase.

RING: Click on the ring and they ring your android device is start ringing automatically for 5 minutes.

LOCK: If you want to lock your device enter your password you can reset the password after your device is found choose any of your passwords and put it first box and re-enter your password for confirmation.I recommend password should very stronger it will better for your lock.It shows you device is locked and see your phone turn on and your phone will popup security to unlock and enter the password to unlock your device.I recommend change password after unlocking the phone because if somebody happen to guess (or) see your entered your password no matter what still you have that you covered.

ERASE: Go back to the web and hit the erase button on the left side.It performance a factory reset on your device.Your apps,photos,music, and settings will be deleted.After you erase the device android device manager will no longer work.This reset is permanent will may not be able to wipe the content of the SD card in your device.If your device is offline it will perform the factory reset as soon as it goes online.Click on erase button if you want to reset your phone and watch the phone power off and also email is coming to your computer is android remove erase request android device manager will try to erase the data in your device and so your phone go to erase entire with the little android logo and wait 5 seconds and it go power down and power up again and going to all boot up and phone location also in location it show your location in black circle after reset that was the last area factory reset officially these is not can be location data once you reset the phone is off completely which is exactly you want any way you track the phone still after it been reset then probably reset your can see phone show setup options same as new phone so that the android device manager.   
The three simple ways to lock your phone which is the first option lost the phone put it lock the phone right way and then next thing you can do if it is lost (or) stolen you can put the nuclear option and delete after the device highly recommends set this up really no downside run get this every thing secure you know little bit tried off in convincing have password and every thing but this really is best option to keep every thing nice and secure.
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