How to Transfer Contacts from Windows to Android Device

Transfer Contacts from Windows to  Android Device

Hi friends,I will tell you today How to transfer contacts windows device to android device using Bluetooth the Windows device are in windows 7 (or ) windows 8.

First, take your windows phone Lumia 625,820 or anything it is and you can find transfer all contacts to another android device to that device via Bluetooth.So let’s check particular feature if you have Nokia Lumia 625 it has actually had an application which is called CONTACTS TRANSFER.

If you run this application this application basically will ask you turn on Bluetooth first of all the contacts transfer basically to work via Bluetooth.So you turn on Bluetooth on your device next go to that contact transfer app the Bluetooth is turn on as wall as the device which you will go on to transfer the contacts another device it should also have Bluetooth.

Turn on the Bluetooth first go to settings on your android device as click on Bluetooth to turn on let you have to click on device visible and the device is visible.You can see the 2 minutes and go to windows device it has already displayed the device and tap over that device name to pair the device it has to give some kind of code to pair to that two devices.

First, enter that code to your windows device and another you can enter on your android device both the device are paying completed you can use the contact request for your windows phone to android phone it is displayed on your android device.You can click ok to receive your contact it basically fetches all the contacts on your windows device in windows device application is working this time.

It actually gets an access over the device once again pair these two devices it asks for contact transfer you need to click ok .Now it has found all the contacts on your windows device.Now it is actual from google and going to import all these contacts from windows device to android device in few seconds it starting the import contacts from windows device to android device.

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