How to Unblock Sites for Free-Top 5 List

How to Unblock Sites for Free

Hello friends,today I tell you top-5 sites for unblocking any website for free.These top-5 sites are fully tested and 100% working literally you can unblock any website you can any of these methods.If you have any type of blocked website in your country if you want to unblock that type of website all the unblocking methods same way to unlock.
Example your country and area here topupmp3.com is blocked in my area you can use this method for unblocking.It is really easy and most  of the methods are anonymous nobody can track you and nobody can see what you are accessing it is the other plus point you can use these methods.

I will tell you some proof topupmp3.com is blocked in my country if you can unblock it do these methods. First of all test it is really blocked are not blocked.How to know is go to google search type topupmp3.com it shows ” You requested URL has been blocked as per the directions receive from department of telecommunications’ lets start for top-5 list for unblock the website for free.
FilterBypass.me it is a website that allow you to access any blocked website online lets start  you test for topupmp3.com first search filter bypass.me in Google and click on search for it the page is opened and click on surf box type your blocked website in that box and click on surf you can see the blocked website is access for unblock the method is success FilterBypass.me is the free to use server you can used to unblock any blocked website.

webproxy.net this method is exclusive only for Google chrome webproxy.net is a chrome extension you need to get that first first open google chrome click on app and click on web store search webproxy.net now you can see the extension of application in that page and click on the blue button is add to chrome is asking for the confirmation .

Click on add extension for this popup now you can see the extension downloading it is automatically installed on your chrome now you can see the webproxy.net icon on the right side of your browser now click the menu and click on top right corner and select settings from the drop-down menu.
Now click on the extension tab from the upper left side menu now you can see all of your chrome extension you can see the webproxy.net extension and click on that.

It shows two types options is ” allow in incognito” and ”allow access to file URLs” click on that two boxes then open a new tab now simply go to search tab and search your blocked website now you can see it is unblocked you can erases any other blocked website on your google chrome by this way.This method is free to use but it is not anonymous if you can remove extension later by just hitting the dustbin icon right to the extension then click remove.


Protocol changing method it is used another easy and quick way to unlock any website simply change the protocol on the website URL.A Protocol means it tell the web browser what method to use to fetch the website page.I will tell you how to change the default protocol example copy the blocked website URL from your website then paste it on sticky note.
Now you can see the protocol right before the domain in http://topupmp3.com this is default protocol of this URL.You need to change the protocol into https://topupmp3.com which nearly simple add letter S in between P and : click in between and type letter S now copy the whole URL in sticky note and go back to the web browser and paste the URL.
Simply you can change the URL from the browser search tab to you just type https://.Before any blocked URL and search you can see access these website like this you can unblock (or) access any website.
Vtunnel.com it is another way to unblock (or) access any website online it is similar to filter bypass.me but however it functionality and it is untraceable simply type (or) paste the URL in the tunnel search box and click on the being browsing (or) hit under on you keyboard now you can access any blocked website this way vtunnel is a free server.

Hotspot shield is a desktop program it is the most effective and best way to unblock any website literally it will unlock whole internet for you.You can access any website you want no matter blocked (or) unlocked and you can save web anonymously as long as you want lets take about technical side simply install the hotspot shield on your PC don’t worry has mac version too.
It is also available for android users. Your hotspot shield on your portable device that installation process is simple.First go to your web browser and search hotspotshield.com it shows the download option and click on download it ask your country code and your mobile number type and click download.

After download clicks open and install that application once installation is complete launch the app and click on start protection now enable for the protection for you.
I will tell you how to work it with manipulate you activated IP address and your IP location it will give to freedom to access any website anonymously simple enable protection on hotspot shield and you can browser on any browser that internet is unblocked for you for testing search a blocked website on web browser you can access the blocked website.
You don’t any experience anymore as long as using the hotspot shield click on unprotection and if you don’t want turn off (or) disable and turn on later. 

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