How to Use Google Keep for Free Note Taking

 Google Keep for Free Note Taking
Hi, friends , I’m here to explain to you how to use “GOOGLE KEEP”and uses of “GOOGLE KEEP“.Friends nowadays our life are getting very busy and in these tensions, we can’t recognize everything because of our work tensions,busy in some other work and some other things.So here is the best solution for all these problems by using google keep.It will work on phone,tablet and also in google keep desktop.
Friends we can add notes,lists,photos,and audio in “keep”.we can save our ideas,thoughts where ever we are in google keep desktop version.some times some brilliant ideas sparks in our minds and later on time passes we forgotten that,so quickly capture what’s on your mind into a note and then we feel  how good is “google -keep”.

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we can’t remember the importance of particular day in a particular month,so we can note our relatives birthdays, marriage days and some other important days in every year.Then “google keep” reminds you the importance of that day to use.we can also plan surprise parties by sharing keep notes with others.
google keep allows you to share your thoughts with your friends and family members also.all you have to do is a just sync yours device to google account.


Google keep has the following options-

1)NEW LIST: In the new list we can list out what we need to remember.we can give certain title to notice simply on the notes.After we written something which is very important,then just set the time-based  reminder then google keep will remind you that.  

If we went to shopping,the common problem for each of use is forgetting the list of items,then it will kill our time by making calls or texting to the known person. so here just make a list of items,things  it will make your work much easy and save a lot of time.

2)DRAWING:Here you can draw few things and or write something and send others.its nothing but the pictorial representation of our ideas.

3)AUDIO RECORDER:It is used to record our audio or some other important audio which is very important to us and then set sometime in the reminder then it reminds you at that particular time so we can’t forget about that and what we decided to do at that time.

sometimes we are very busy and even there is no time to note then just record all the stuff u need and your thoughts and set a particular time-based  reminder to make sure you never miss a thing.

4)ADD IMAGES:We can also add images from our gallery or from our camera to remind that after a certain time.we can also use location-based reminder also.


Friends we can find what we need fast by adding some color code,some kind of labels to quickly recognize what you need,a simple search will turn it on.

NOTE: 1)Don’t forget to set time to recognize you again.

             2)Add labels our color to organize important note faster



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