How to use WhatsApp without Phone Number (or) SIM Card

use WhatsApp without Phone Number

Hello Friends, In this present days there are billions of people are using WhatsApp its looks like a military operation to all this app is very popular all around the world this app is mainly used for chatting , sharing photos and videos for your friends where are they are in the world but you lost your SIM card or you lost your Phone Number in that time send very important photos or videos to your important person you don’t know how to send files using that same number.I will explain to you how to use WhatsApp without Phone Number or SIM card.Let’s start,
so what basically does is it takes your original number and gives you the new country number (or) you can say about your number.Which gives to number which doesn’t work know so I have new trick to use WhatsApp without using Phone number (or) SIM card for that you need to download one app called ”SWYTCH”.  .


If you want to download this app here:
How to SignUp in SWYTCH App:
First, you need to download the app here and install that app on your device. Open that app and it show to two options is Signup to swytch and Already a swytch user.

Click on Signup to swytch and that details you need to enter you Phone Number it is your used phone number because it send you a verification code to that number that is your choice and give email and finally give the password to your account and click on create. It direct you page you can receive a code and once you get a code and copy/paste or type the code in the box and hit on tick mark.You got a message like a login successfully.

How to use SWYTCH App:
This app has a bunch of options in the to right corner have settings there so many messages,contacts and call logs in once hit on settings option you can see different types of options add credit you can add some credit to your account and my number and account.
Click on my number once it opened it show different option in the first is sim line.In sim line you have original phone number which you had given swytch line is that UK country which you have received it so you need to open this  number and you need to copy it like leave country code and copy which out country and you need to open WhatsApp and this country code must be put these and paste the number which you had copied.
So it will send you a verification code to switch app but what happen is the in switch app you need to pay to receive SMS because you receive any SMS in you can see in your swytch account after add credit to account and you can do don’t worry I have a trick for that also.
You need to wait in at least 5 min to get it for free so after that, you and get an option called Call me you need to hit on call me so the trick is the call.So what happens you can receive free calls in swytch app so if you missed a call (or) you country call when to swytch application go to messages option you can see that option receives a voice mail.
When open it up download so after it downloaded you need to open it again ask you for options select anything you need to hear the audio the audio contains the code just 6 digit code so you can just hear it and again type it in your WhatsApp after you place the code in WhatsApp you will able to use WhatsApp without phone number (or) SIM card.
So this will be useful to prank your friends in WhatsApp (or) you have another thing like privacy issue if have online friends with the home you need to chat in WhatsApp then you can use this number which doesn’t show any original number.

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