HTC 10 – Phone Full Specifications and Review

HTC 10 - Phone Full Specifications and Review

Over of the last couple of years ago could be said that HTC is the little bit lower in traffic and after a couple of releases after just sure taking on the computation the 10th try hopefully be great.It is truly HTC phone we will be waiting for the review of HTC 10In the first we get into the phone review of the HTC 10 what we go head get through all specification first.


The construction of the HTC has been known forward turn refinement and addition designs on the phone and thickest position the HTC has 9mm it makes just a little bit thickness computation and it is also little taller and wider than other devices it almost remains looks like moto X 2014 edition.HTC 10 have 5.2″ inch display and focus on the front it notices that the boom sound setup speakers and HTC about the use to be lower many HTC phones now boom sound is still around but consist top speakers and it sub-buffers that back setup that is no0w found at bottom n the USB port.

The main change on HTC made appears the backing same grey metal material but it imagines for second the HTC M8 accept now he add the extra little bit around all sides. This is basically HTC did it the chamfered edges provided sole wet type of look a little bit more and also add curve to the device and this means the phone such long contrast on the hands hoping in link I already mention before it is just a little bit wider and taller than maybe it needed to be speaking of hand link the phone is pretty damned slippy.This is an anything new if you view HTC 1 devices before but to be fair it better the new sense alternatively HTC proves it is the 10th still making the capable in making attractive phone and for fans of previous HTC devices some of the still pushing removed other places like Boom sound phone speaker even the HTC back border this update, in addition, are just to play any one on different looking devices.

The display is 5.2′ inch in size but now comes in Quad core HD resolution this is super LCD display performance quiet best with good brightness even in very bright situations in the good amount of saturation to keep the colour looking nice now this having AMOLED display but HTC has made sure that this display here standard.overall high prevalent very sharp due to high pixel density and games like kingdom horse and final fantasy have a blast to play and much like other features comes outs to hearing the HTC 10 comes through with the expert high power package the snapdragon 820 andreno 530 and 4 GB RAM.

Now just mention gaming has been smooth experience and good performance as well in the case of cross the board HTC did mention they tap the touch lite low as possible simple to add the snaps experience but probably more importance notice on HTC screen line is software and set of having multiple version same application sense just now keep the company on version and this consultation does hope overall held the software fields even without that software and performance experience.HTC 10 is better it is pretty clear and good phone to have as a daily drive and proofs very relatable this phone.Which then brings hardware these is quite a more to talk.

Startup with fingerprint reader found the capacity of the home button this one is like an HTC 1 A9 fingerprint reader from one in standby lock straight to the home screen it is easy to setup but just like A9 process a little bit of change.The mention just sensors it still a thing in the HTC 10 is the phone known brought up by the hands and with different commands, the newest of these is a double swipe downward in order to open the camera.You have to use a fingerprint unlock the device even one swiping those other directions it feels like these two features are the little bit difficult.Once opened up and unlock phone pretty much everything you going to expect including NFC and call quality is very good on this phone using the four speaker top as the phone grow as new for example but it you put boom sound setup the only real thing missing is IR blaster which we some guys enjoy on the smooth phone but it just mention it does not widely use feature any more audio remain one of the corner tones HTC experience and Boom sound is still here even though it will change a little bit the top phone speaker is placed by a bottom mounted sub-buffer that provides richer tones it is not going to be as loud in difficult front facing stereo speaker even from previous.

HTC devices but will must the sound stage have been improved because of the better lower end just on an expert to be easy sharing sound with everyone but plugin a good pair of headphones that way the magic really begins.A good pair of headphones (or) earphones will make you show difference will make HTC put 3.5 headphone jack and headphones the really make boom sound.This is also a due input of Dolby enhancement coming to the phone audio profiles to give you can also change the equaliser bit by bit wish to ultimate really up the sound are providing much wider sounds is depends on you answer that questions.The bottom line is that HTC 10 has a lot of power to drive headphones and it is very fun to get lost in sound the especially with good headphones like auto technical these but  overall listing in headphone results from some of the loudest best audio if even gone on the smartphone.Battery life is 3000 mAh battery units testing with up to 13 hours a day the phone has been able to switch up to 4 1/2 hour screen on time remains another usage is should suddenly possible for a couple of days long out of the HTC 10.It also helps that boost applications access on couple of key ways fro example you play games  on full HD resolutions so that the game takes so much power but all of that quick change 3.0 capable and power never really that for HTC but two days of battery life of phone and according to calls half an hour should provide one of those days USB port helps to regard thought it the standers we have totally used to yet that used couple of times the phone hit single digits we forgets the bright cord.

We can talk about the camera HTC has a rough go even the last couple of years with the camera phone shot of the competition.The shot even the ultra pixel and reader 2nd generation but other phones we seen this is small in HTC priority  is larger pixel size for the low like capabilities optical image stabilization the app is some much steam lined lot of the different modes all on the side one easy to slide over menu and number of the other controls found on the right side so you can use the phone in one hand in auto mode.You can shot pretty quick only real big usage of the app is pro manual mode which overlay all of the settings over viewer finder covering the frames on the prices setting put the slider away on modes use slow motion capture pano mara and a hyper lapse feature.The change to the lower amount of large pixel seen the job details are captured very low in highly in shots colour is accurate capture.In most of this picture are pretty good looking and taken around it do look like great zoom into any of this photo was seen noise appears but the nature of having fewer details to the lower megapixel count and low saturation can be exhaust one the expression might be more decent.

HTC also still has a big problem back looking object doesn’t blow, not an area of seen and this is something even HDR can fix in more situations basically just expect a lot of saturating the when capture photo in lighting.HDR does do the pretty good job as long as the user in the were actually called and water not using HDR in a lower light situation the lower speed.So you have to make sure to see hands that are still required even of the already the quality in normal situations you just have know what you getting when shooting in the dark door (or) night.

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