iOS 9 Tips,Tricks and Hidden Features for iPhone

iOS 9 Tips,Tricks and Hidden Features for iPhone

Hello, guys recently I thought I will explain Tips & Tricks to help all the new iOS users and advanced users as this tutorial you can learn more about the iPhone and iOS 9.Let’s start,starting with the features that are new to the iPhone 6S.

3D-TOUCH:Now you can force touch in any app icon,email,messages (or) photos to bring up a quick preview (or0 quick option like for camera you have option to quick take selfie record slow-mo and more for emails you have inbox compose a new mail and tap search email and more similarly we have forced touch feature for other apps as well some third party apps also will receive updates for new features.While browsing photos you can force touch on any feature for a peak and will peaking you can slide the preview up for other option like copy,share (or) delete same goes for the email you can force touch on any email messages for a peak and then slide it up for more options while peaking you can slide right to mark it as left to delete that email you can use 3D-Touch to switch between the application just force touch on the left side edge of the screen and swipe to switch similar feature are their other apps like messaging apps,phone app and so on.

LIVE WALLPAPERS:You can set live wallpapers on the new iPhone what you need to do is go to settings→wallpapers choose any of them you want to set a wallpaper you can press and hold on the wallpapers for the live effort.Next taking live photos by default live photos you can enable (or) disable for it icon basically what this does is it capture few seconds before and after the picture to give this effort now if you tap and hold on that photo you will get live photo effort you can also apply live photos as you live wallpapers.Now let’s go for basics.Sometimes apps are not updates for the latest OS (or) you make face across on different applications.

  • FORCE CLOSE:Their is a way to force close app rather than to restart the phone all you have to do is hold the power button and once power slides pop up let go to the power button then keep holding the home button this will force close any app that is actively running.
  • SOFT RESET:Sometimes screen (or) touch doesn’t response so in this time you go for a soft reset.First, hold the power button and the home button at same time untile you see Apple logo this will restart your phone and all your background running apps.
RINGTONE AND NOTIFICATION:It effort by the volume keys by default while decreasing the media volume you will decrease the ring volume as well so that go to settings→sounds and here you have an option called change with buttons having this off will keep your ringtone and alarm tone to the desired volume and won’t change the volume next.
DISPLAY MANAGE TIMINGS:On the messaging app you can view the timing on the message by sliding left this will help you to see the exact timing of your conversation.You don’t disturb on messages if you irritate by text messages like offers,customer care (or) other senders you can turn on do not disturb more by going on to details and their turn on Do Not Disturb for this sender doing this only show the notifications count but will not alert you.
PRIVATE MODE ON SAFARI:Features like handoff and icloud sink it isn’t safe that all your browsing data are sink between all your devices so whenever you need secure browsing you must turn on the private mode by going on the open tabs and tapping on the private mode now all your browsing dates are sink free and not recorded.
KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS:There is a quick way of typing messages on your iPhone go on to settings→general→keyboard and we have an option called text replacement tap on it and you will find a range of shortcuts for your keyboard gm for good morning and much more and you can also your own message by tapping same option in the first box and type your message and second box type your shortcuts.Now whenever you input the shortcut the full time will be saved and this method is quick.
SIRI:Tap on Siri button the new and old feature first discussing relations to friends,family etc.For example, you can say any of your best friend names so this will level that contact as your best friend and in Siri you can just say call my best friend and they go for all to your best friend directly and your relatives etc.
ACCESSIBILITY:They are a lot of features that will help you to get most out of your iPhone.Go on to settings→general and under accessibility, we have different options have it will point out the once that are important first we have speech and you have got two different options on speech the first one is speech selection that is whenever you select the world,sentence (or) paragraph you will get an option to make iPhone speak the selected text similarly speak will read the entire text from the screen this can be very handy if you want you to want to write message,emails (or) documents you have also options to choose voices sending.
INCREASE CONTRAST:Under increase contrast you have the option to reduce transparency and darken colours and reduce white point reduce.Darken colour will increase the display saturation which will be helpful for while reading ebooks and editing pictures but it may consume battery reduce white point will slide down the white point display this won’t have the viewing angle in visibility more useable low lights and slightly improve the battery performance.
REDUCE MOTION:You can also turn on reduce motion to reduce the motion of user interface is including effort which will result in better battery life.
AUDIO OUTING:The call audio outing can be use set your iPhone to directly out of their coming call to your Bluetooth headphones (or) the loudspeakers and you can turn on LED flash for alerts which will make the LED flash when you get a notification very handy you like to put face down.
BALANCE B/W LEFT AND RIGHT:You feel the left side of the earphone on the headphones louder than the right side (or) vice-versa you can set it manually from that option.
GUIDED ACCESS:Guided access will lock the iPhone at certain screen so let me explain they need the turn on guided access their triple press the home key and here also circle the areas won’t to disable and next start if it’s you first time you have to give a password this will look the iPhone on the create app are you can’t use anything else but the app itself to exit the guided access you will have to triple press the home button and give password.This feature comes very handily and while giving the phone to kids.
ACCESSABLITY SHORTCUTS: You can assign your iPhone to perform various actions when triple press on home key like turning on voice over,invert colours,grayscale,zoom,switch control and assistive touch if you unable all these then you triple press home button you got an option on which action you want to perform.If you select assistive touch makes a lot of sense personally I use it to enable and disable assistive touch as I don’t want to shortcuts cover space on my screen.
MUSIC & VIDEO:you can play your music video as an audio that lasts the video app that plays the music video exit the video app and now you can play back the audio from the control centre.
FIELD TEST:These are a secret code that can enable u test and modification your iPhone just dial *3001#12345*# and here your view someone info about your SIM card cell  etc.If you don’t want this info a quick tip is that you can tap signal strength to change it to numbers since iOS 9 shortcuts to go to the previous app you can pull down the notification to view your signal strength and if you want to as be default press and hold the power button untile the home button untile the field test app is closed and the field test app is cloud and they you see and you get new metrical representation of the signal strength. 

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