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If you’re​ a student in school or university, I don’t have to tell you the toll that studying can take on you. Late nights and long hours studying are all a regular part of any college or school experience. But, these long hours can make it hard for you to keep your focus. This can lead to you searching for ways to boost your focus naturally.
This is because losing focus is a big problem, as it can be the difference between remembering or forgetting vital information. This can then be the difference between getting the grade you want or coming up short.

This is why you need all the help you can get to keep your focus sharp when studying. One way of doing this is through choosing the right nutrition. Putting the right nutrients into your body can improve your brain function, memory, and boost focus.

The easiest and fastest way to do this is by picking the right studying drink. The right drink will help give you the right nutrients quickly and can be easily increased or decreased as needed.

So, we put together a list of the best drinks that you should include in all of your study sessions below.

The Top 5 Study Drinks For Better Focus:

1: Coffee

Key ingredients: Caffeine

The inclusion of this drink is likely no surprise to most college students. While it might be simple in its ingredients, it is very effective. This is because caffeine is a potent stimulant that has powerful effects on the brain. This repeatedly shows in studies when it boosts focus and memory in those using it.  

This makes the caffeine-rich coffee a great study drink. This is especially true if you’re looking to pull an all-nighter and cram in a lot of information at once. It can also help improve performance in your tests or class when you’re tired.

Coffee also has a lot of health benefits for the brain in the long run too. But, you should be careful not to drink too much. This is because excessive caffeine can cause anxiety, high blood pressure, and sleeping problems.

2: Green Tea

Key Ingredients: Caffeine, theanine, catechins, antioxidants

Green tea is an often underrated and underused drink for studying. While it doesn’t have the same amount of caffeine in each cup as coffee, it has its strengths. A few strengths are in the catechins and antioxidants it has.

Both of these ingredients have beneficial effects in the brain and can increase brain matter growth. This can then​ lead to better memory and recall, which can be useful for tests.

Like coffee, it also has a lot of health benefits and a lower risk of adverse effects due to high caffeine. Green tea is natural and one of the best brain supplements to improve focus and concentration and improve your well-being.

3: Monster

Key Ingredients: Caffeine, Taurine

This drink gets a bad reputation. But, it can be a handy drink for boosting your focus and learning capacity. It has also been proven to be perfectly safe to drink. It can also help improve your brain functioning during the test. This is because it combines taurine with caffeine.

This small addition can make a big difference and puts Monster up there as one of the best study drinks. It also makes it an excellent choice for a pre-test drink.

4: Vitamin Water

Key Ingredients: Calcium, magnesium, zinc, Vitamin C, B Vitamins

Vitamin water has become a popular drink for many health enthusiasts. But a lot of people underestimate its potential as a study drink.

The minerals found in Vitamin Water, including calcium, magnesium, and zinc are all used by the body to maintain the nervous system. Considering that your brain is the center for nervous system signaling, this means it is vital to keeping it.

So, the minerals in Vitamin Water make it a very useful drink for improving brain function and health. The Vitamin C also acts as a powerful antioxidant, fighting inflammation. This brings the same benefits as mentioned with green tea and makes it one of the healthiest drinks on the list.

5: 5-Hour Energy Shot

Key Ingredients: Caffeine, Taurine, B Vitamins

This drink is a great option if you need a sharp rise in focus. It’s also a good choice if you’re looking for a short-term increase in brain functioning. This makes the 5-hour energy shot great for quick study sessions in between class or after a day of lectures.

But, the potency of this shot means it can be easy to drink an excessive amount. This can cause the same issues as with coffee. So, you should limit these shots to 1 to 2 each day, with at least 6 hours between them.

Top Tips For Using Study Drinks:

While the above drinks will help give you the nutrients needed to boost your brain power, these results can be augmented. This is because the timing, mix, and variation of the above ingredients can get you further than one drink alone.

So, to get the most out of your study time, the following tips should be followed:

  • You should start drinking your chosen beverage 15 to 30 minutes before studying.

  • You should sip your drink slowly and not drink it all at once.

  • You should vary the drinks you use for studying to take in and maximize the benefits of all the ingredients.

  • To avoid taking in unnecessary calories, you should look out for low-calorie variations of some energy drinks.

These include Vitamin Water Zero or Sugar-Free Monster for example. However, it is possible to boost your focus with tea or coffee with only a minimal increase in calories.

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