Record Computer Screen with High Quality for Free and Easy.

Record Computer Screen with High Quality

Hello, guys in this tutorial I explain to you how to record your computer screen for easily and quickly by free software called CamStudio.
This program is very useful to all because of you can record any type of program can review once again for how to do and you can tell your post to all around the world that is upload your videos to youtube and share with your friends.


First, go to google in google type CamStudio click enter and then it shows different types of websites for download go to the first one that shoes (CamStudio-Free Screen Recording Software). I will put screen shots for you because of easy to understand.

Click on that and scroll down  it is a free software that it given you options donate if you want to and scroll down all the way and it show download option you can download in that way and click download.
I think this software is only for windows you can use mac search for mac version and download for mac you can use windows just click on download.

Open the application and setup the application click on run and click on next in that option it gives more things if you want that option you can accept all don’t want decline all and it starting installation process after installation CamStudio you can see in your menu bar and click on all apps scroll down it shows CamStudio just click on that movie looking icon once click on that icon you can get small windows that are CamStudio.

You can see the pause,record,stop options some of the settings you can use CamStudio.


In that options go to region select full screen that is record all your windows screen and options go to video option it shows you Microsoft video 1 you can also choose another option because in Microsoft video 1 you can record 10 min video footage however you want to record video much longer 1 hour (or) 2 hours go to (Xvid MPEG-4 codec) option compress it just compress your video into very small file size so that you can record much longer.
It’s not automatically on CamStudio you need to download it from the internet.They are the way to download Xvid from download Xvid zip file and I will give you link to Download it here so once you download Xvid file just click the download and extract it run the program.
I tell you to need to restart your after restarting computer runs your application.Select the Xvid option to click on configure in a default set it up 1.00 and click on more and these put it MPEG .
Click ok go to another option select the option go to Display encoding status and click on cursor option if you click on highlight cursor you can select the different option like the circle,ellipse,square,rectangle.
You don’t want cursor just click on hide cursor and for an audio option if you want to use microphone just go to audio option click on the audio option of the microphone and select microphone 2 high definition just click ok.
I don’t re command recording on speaker because it can’t get full clarity of your voice go to program option click on hide flashing rectangle during recording most times you need to initial download CamStudio it will show flash rectangle when record you can hide them by click that option and you can minimize program in cam studio over the window.
Once you start recording if you click on minimize program on start recording option programs option>play AVI file when recording slops>use system default player. You can complete recording your video it will open automatically in your computer  media p[layer what ever you can select the recording to file specific place .CamStudio video to be saved chooses any option to save your videos to just select it and press ok that basically how to work CamStudio.

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