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Hello guys,I already give you best games for android in this time I will tell you the most interesting apps for android you must try it.they are literally millions of Android apps available on the google play store and you known everyone can see most popular apps in play store but some people don’t know about which app is best in previous I will tell you best apps for windows phone in this time I give you  best Android app.
First up let’s present you get the problem Android devices have only three main volumes is media,alarm and ring volume.So many people want more volumes this tutorial helps you I give you the app for set all app volumes individually.


This is the solution for the control individual volume profile in every single app on your device what you need to do is simply choose the app on your device you want to add a profile and turn on the volume and set the volume when the app is you can see that media ringtone alarm, notifications, and system sound.

If you want all and turn on all system volume control and can all volumes in that profiles save it and exit the volume control app.Once exit that app when to launch any type of app it shows a small notification it is ( volume adjusted by app volume control)  and you can exit the app the same message after exiting the app absolutely it takes a little time to setup.Once you setup all control in volume control app and you can control all volume app  where ever you want in your android smartphone.

If you want to download this app download here (DOWNLOAD).


In this app it takes notification to your android smartphones they are one time think you need it swipe it way and it’s gone forever anymore they is an app called NOTIF LOG.This app keeps all your notifications and lists them in huge log list essentially it’s notification history keeps everything you wants.

You can sweep any important notification that your important but you can get again in this app you can get all type of history also.In this app kindred as a stop feature if you can swipe right it is deleted and swipe left it to notify again at a late time and in this app you can set a limit notifications for a given time .

If you want to download this app download here


I will give another notification in two colors it shows left the side to draw down it show notifications and draw right side down it show widgets.You can set notification option.

How to do that ” + ” button and add widget and drawn down best use to wide widget for set columns and small among it look nice when to swipe down in the top of the screen can swipe down the right of the screen you got widget access.I tell you another app also it is related to this app .

If you want to download this app download here


In this app that you can complete control open a set piece of function lines on your device.This app is very useful to choose app these notification are wake you lock screen when you get a notification on the lock screen in which very singular explain.

You can just turn on notification for message and lock screen is turn on and these are options you can turn on/off all option you want and also get down time facilities in top right corner option is check all click on that process when the lock screen doesn’t wake any chance to see what the notification is anywhere.

If you want to download this app download here (DOWNLOAD).


When you coming to type smartphones keyboard you can use same keyboard word day and day out.So being able to quickly paste them on a top of the keyboard rather type them out if might useful will if you install NATIVE clipboard and tapping any text field you can choose paste any text use in your regular days and save you the self hole in one time.

You can long press on title it can paste in you type box and all these lines are created by click add button type title you want and type your text and after typing click on save and it will appear in you manage text keyboard clip option it you want to remove your clipboard messages long press on that tile and swipe right (or) down and left (or) down this is the left saves for text edit and you can adjust text.

If you want to download this app download here (DOWNLOAD).


One thing you can use a lot of these days is main data and internet speed meter is one of those apps that will list in this details how much data is used and time whether it mobile data (or) wifi and you can see that app list also it show every each app that how much data consumed.First go to app option and enable notification and it give daily data notifications in your lifetime and it shown youFacebook another social media (or) download anything it monitors show the number it is very fast to track your specific data usage it will give you snapshot for use daily frequently used now you see another that is widget enable the widget.

It will also your data status bar whatever you want all your need to do is you can see the options in that app go to widget option and adjust the level whatever you want and also you can put that widget on your home screen.

If you want to download this app download here (DOWNLOAD).


This is twilight it changes the temperature,intensity and dimness of the screen depend on at the time of data that you releasing (or) at night to preparation for the sleep.You can set the screen level’s on the manually .

What happens cause of the day space of 15 seconds and the screen closer and it eliminating the blue spectrum and regain our average sleep on night leaves to it pretty much impossible whether they positive benefit of you in individual user and you can screen slightly warmer and cooler in times.

If you want to download this app download here (DOWNLOAD).

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