As a blogger, you will have to establish yourself as a leader in your chosen niche by creating useful and up-to-date content for your viewers, secondly you need to develop a user-friendly and mobile-friendly website, that can be navigated easily, then leverage on your social media profiles to drive traffic to your website, and you are on your way to generating streams of income as a blogger. For more information on making money as a blogger, you can visit the following link:

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#1: Indulge in affiliate marketing

Now that you have set up your blog, and you generate keyworded contents that drive traffic, you should aim at converting your online readers and visitors to email subscribers. Send your subscribers useful contents regularly, in order to build trust, then sell products and services that you think will benefit them. Simply put, affiliate marketing means you endorse a product and help the owner sell it in order to earn a commission. When your readers and visitors trust you, they believe you will only recommend quality products to them, thus they can buy the affiliate products you promote. Affiliate marketing products are passive and you can earn commissions on them forever.

#2: Monetize through CPC and CPM ads

CPS (cost per click) are those banners placed on sidebars of your blog contents, and you get paid when a reader clicks or read through such ads. CPM, on the other hand, are ads that do not require clicking from visitors before you get paid. You get paid by 1,000 visitors who actually see the page on which the ads were displayed.

#3: Sell digital products

If you are good at creating digital contents such as tutorials for learning programming, eBooks, online courses, apps, themes, and videos, then you can actually sell these contents at a very cheap rate. You don’t need to re-create these products and all your visitors have to do is pay and download them. You need to convince them you are a master in your chosen niche before you can sell these contents directly to them.

#4: Sign up for an advertising program

Most beginner bloggers know Google AdSense as the top advertising program out there but there are other advertising programs that equal pay as much as Google AdSense, and moreover, Google can easily remove your AdSense account if any irregularities are discovered. Advertising programs like Google AdSense usually pay for the number of visitors who visit your websites and the number of ads that are clicked.

#5: Sell Ad spaces to advertisers

There are advertisers looking for blogs with huge traffic to advertise their products and services. These advertisers may require that you generate a minimum number of 500,000 visitors per day on your blog or less before they can actually pay to advertise on your blog, thus you need to work on your traffic first.

#6: Ask for donations

If your blog contents are directed towards a certain course of helping certain people, you may want to ask for donations or support from your readers. The PayPal donate button, for instance, is one of the tools you can use here.

#7: Integrate YouTube into your blog

This, perhaps, is one of the easiest ways to generate passive income through your blog. When you have a YouTube channel and grow your subscribers steadily, you can generate streams of income through your YouTube videos.

In conclusion, the best possible way for a blogger to generate streams of passive income through blogging is by combining as many of the money-making opportunities highlighted above, as possible.

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