Ways to Improve Your Blog Post for Search Engine Optimization Ranking

Search Engine Optimization

There is several ways that to optimize and article, however, we are going to talk about ways that to improve your blog post for SEO mainly. Those steps like in On Page improvement. we are aware that there are a lot of paid services and obtain noticed  however once done right, you’ll be able to get leads to organic seek for free. continuously we must always work on obtaining noticed  on organic results whereas doing digital promoting, it the most effective way to get noticed  while not paying for all the world.

What is On Page Optimization?

Optimizing your website whereas you’re publishing your web page is termed on page improvement. There are lots of things on the page that are given 1st priority by Google to rank any website.Search engine rewards helpful content continually and not over optimized content. The smallest SEO is ideal than filling the bucket with lots of ingredients.

Keywords: Keywords are the inspiration for ranking factors. you also might need to be chosen what keywords you would like for your blog. To optimize you blog, you would like to place a similar keyword or similar ones in your posts to drive traffic to your blog. Have the smallest density of keywords on your post, ne’er make it, Google is strict with stuffing things.

Title :
it’s the primary factor that Google and readers it. The title should speak what your post is regarding clearly. It should be appealing to visitors to drive click rates. Have a minimum of one word that’s associated with your keyword on the start of any title, if possible.

Meta Description: it is those little texts you see in search engines result about any posts or blogs. Meta description helps you increasing your ranking. it’s the text summed up in 160 characters, about your website. make certain your title and description matches and are relevant, this helps individuals to click on your website.

URL should be simple to remember and relevant to the topics. never use URL that doesn’t apply to your posts or articles. URL like “” would be good for search engines to crawl and keep in mind for visitors.

Header Tags: It won’t be wrong if we are saying, it is for highlight your title. If you style and develop the web, you’re responsive to <h1> tags. you’ve got to consider this because the important optimization technique. The <h1> tags are for highlight your title and rest h2, h3, h4, h5, and h6 specifies the subtitle by order of its importance.

Image name and alt tags : once you are creating a blog, you’re not only optimizing your texts, as a result of pictures ranks too, Google or the other search engines shows them in their image search results too. Suppose, an image having name ‘abcd1234.jpg” can never rank. Use a correct title to explain any image. Also, to understand your image higher use correct keywords to outline your image on the alt attribution section. If you’re a WordPress blogger, have the Yoast SEO Plugin. Your half SEO is finished with the plugin.

Inbound Links: Links from your web blog post to your different blog post is arriving links. it’s useful to lower the bounce rates and build a visitor stay your web page for a long time. Those links should be relevant to the content and not unbroken them for the purpose of keyword stuffing, link building, and spam.

Outbound Links: If you’ve got outward-bound links to the high authority domains, you’ve got possibilities to boost your website traffic and page rank. the benefits of outward-bound links are that first of all search engines can understand your niche and it will increase your website community and quality. And the cherry on the cake is that it brings targeted traffic to your blog. not to forget, don’t post links not relevant to the content.
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Sharing: we all know sharing is caring. therefore placed on the social media sharing buttons on your blog, it helps people to share it directly and may increase your website visibility.

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