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5- Best Android Apps for smartphones

best android apps

Hello,The apps that most people can swear that they can’t live without. These apps have become ubiquitous with android and if you’re searching for good stuff it’s assumed that you simply have this stuff already. Without any delay, here are the best android apps of all time!




    ‘AFTERLIGHT ‘ is relatively new photo editing app that features is clean interface good filters it has a huge library of filters and lots of interesting editing features wall editing have six icon form all the basic edits like changing constantly .
    There are three types of filters like original,guest,and season and some filters are use almost any reason but effects are perfect.
    The full fix era is perfect you can apply shadows but this is a very uni feature you can even add once a filter is added you can adjust effects as well.
    Some adjustment tool like crop,loaded,and the huge library of the frame and all the option are present in a very clear way. First-time users, we have no problem about after light editing app its very easy.
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‘FACETS’ in this application provides amazing high-resolution wallpapers for your phone.
This application is simply the best-looking wallpapers into your device you won’t any other wallpaper have this one.
This wallpaper has recomposed to fit the various screen size.

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smart lock

smart lock

app information

‘SMARTPHONE LOCK’ its is a  phone lock why this is perfect for a phone in this lock you have to change the password every minute.
The lock code is related to the time of your phone you can choose a number that number will be added to the lock time.
If the time is 3:00pm that the code is 3:02pm this the number add two it is modified number is added.
So that a lot this application so we this application you will never forget the code the code will change every minute.
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best weather app

weather app reating

weather app review

‘1-WEATHER’ is a highest related weather application on the play store.
This application delivers every information in a clean and good looking interface.
When you open the application it given you current location weather information in which includes current temperature current condition and the probability of  velocity and other information that below.
On the side you can every weather forecast and details of the forecast of coming days.
If you want weather in multiple locations it is also easily done and it can be managed easily.

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verses review

verses app

‘VERSUS’ in this application you can compare two things phones,computers,tablets,graphic cards,city,sports watches,motherboards,scanners and lots of things you etc.
In this type of app, you can compare two mobiles with same price and its specifications this application can give a just idea not a full compare and benefits of one and other that’s it.
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