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Best Android battery Saver App

Best Android battery Saver App

Hi friends,First let me ask you one question.What you hate about the android smartphone?

Well for me it is battery life android smartphone are becoming awesome these days 2K resolution,64 Bit Quadcore chipset,high-resolution camera with 4k video recording,but the battery life its sucks.So today I will tell you how to save battery life on the android smartphone using ” GREENIFY ” app.The app that I tell you guys is called GREENIFY app it is available in the google play store for free.There is also donation pad which enables a couple of experimental future do try the donation pad it will definitely help you, developer, a lot.

GREENIFY is an app put all your ideal app that’s running background into hibernation that takes to put in your apps to sleep so this what is going to help save a lot of battery life.This is how an app looks pretty plain and simple it shows only three buttons on the home screen plus button,on the top and option button and sleeps button so to get started.

Only have to press the plus button and it shows the apps three different stations one is running in the background and  next app may slow down the decay and then there is also more app section.To put on app hibernation is pretty simple and straight forward all you have to do select the app that you want to put you sleep so for example.I want to put the app called weather to sleep select the app and select the tick button and the app is put into hibernation .

So this is going to save your battery life because,lot of apps keep runnings in the background(or) ideal in the background without knowledge at all this is one of the main reason the battery dreams very fast.So,this app puts all your unwanted ideal apps into hibernation and saving your battery life,but you need to be careful about one thing not put the apps that use quite regularly into hibernation because way app came out of hibernation open the app manually so be sure to select the apps you want to be put into one hibernation.

Which don’t use quite often so,this all is available on both non-rooted phones you do get a couple of futures these is an auto hibernation option which rooted phones.

You can just select the options button to click to enable auto-hibernation option what this does is it will put the ideal apps into hibernation automatically for non-rooted phones these a future experimental feature go to options click on experimental features and it shows some option called auto-hibernation.This will hibernate your ideal apps running in the background automatically so this app has save battery life.

It improved a lot in beginning it is used only for root only app but now it’s been ported to the non-root phone so I  highly recommend checking this app you can also create the short cut of hibernation all you to do go to option and click on create hibernation shortcut.It shows to option in hibernate + lock screen and hibernates now and  you can select any one of these shortcuts has been created and another time what you have to press the shortcuts that will put all you apps into hibernation mode.

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