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Best Android Document Scanning App – Camscanner

Best Android Document Scanning App

I will tell you today very different app and very useful app for all it is used for scanning documents with your smartphone app name called CamScanner.

You will definitely love to scan documents and convert them into pdf it is always handy for you.If is power better than taking pictures using a phone sending among especially of you want to send documents for an official purpose this app uses the phone camera to take the pictures of your documents,crop the document,edit the document and create a pdf to share easily.

Lets I tell you how to use CamScanner and its working.You can download CamScanner on your phone using Google play store .Go to play store and search for CamScanner the app is available and click on that app and install the app.After installing the app open the app on your smartphone shows the icon of that app in the menu and create a shortcut on your home screen.

Tap to open the app and first starting off with us it shows your main page and clicks on the option for using document click on left top corner it shows document option but,first, you don’t have any type of document because you are the new one of that app.You can also select left top corner and select your feature to click on shared with my the option but first, you don’t have any friends.

First click on the camera icon and capture any type of document what it may be you can capture document the special feature of CamScanner is it can crop automatically along the borders.

Click on tick mark it setting up properly to page view straightly it finally scan a document with fully clear and very neat view but you can click picture as straight as possible along with hand stability after scanned image you can change the page.Change page like black and white ,grey mode, magic colour,lighten,original and auto adjust can use any type of these options for your scanned page for the page view.

Another feature is contrast and brightness when ever you can sending official documents.You don’t have access your computer this is the best way to go about doing it and click on save that type of image after saving it show scan page to your documents.

Click on add and click on the first document in the button right second option click on that option it shows different types of sharing option. You can share via email,social media,save to gallery,upload/print/fax  and other they are so many different types of ahre options.

They really good app for sharing your document in very clearly with your personal information,photograph and other documents for college applications any other thing.This application very very useful for students.



If you want to download the app here click below:

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