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Beware of Fake Prisma App for Android

Hey guys! If you’re looking for the right entry into the Prisma world and want to use the app, then this will be an interesting read for you! In this article, we are going to cover about the Prisma App, and why you should be using it. Also in this post, we will be covering the fake Prisma apps that have stormed the market which you should be beware of. Finally we will be covering for you; how to test whether a prisma app is original or not. We hope that after reading this article, you will get a fair idea of best prisma apps for android and you will use it in the right way. So let’s get started and learn more.

Prisma is finally available for Android devices. After a huge success with iOS devices, Prisma has Prisma Labs. inc has launched the application for Android. It has taken the world 360 degree round with its amazing feature and astounding photo quality. There are no second thoughts that its team has done an incredible job with is user interface and that is why it has been so easy for users to understand it.

While most of the applications provide you with same old filters and boring effects to the picture, Prisma provides you with a real time artwork on your mobile phone screen. Prisma plays with your picture by adding some great artwork of renowned artists like Picasso, Munk and many more.

Get started with Prisma

Prisma does not ask you for any registration or in app purchase while you are using the application. It straight takes you to the camera screen where either you can click a new photo or pick a picture from your gallery from bottom right hand corner on the screen.

Now you can apply different work of art on your picture and redefine them with a total new design and style. When you choose a particular artwork or filter for your image, it takes few seconds to settle down the filter on your picture. So please be patient with the application.

prisma s.PNG

Beware of the fake Prisma apps

While Prisma is becoming famous with its new techniques and user interface, there are many companies and developers who are trying to earn money through it. Therefore, you will find as many as 50 fake prisma apps. Please be careful while choosing the real one.

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How to recognize the real Prisma Application

Foremost, to recognize the real prisma app, please note that, the developers name in Google Play Store would be Prisma Labs, inc. And in the bottom the email id would be given as [email protected].

Otherwise, you can directly download the application from here


Prisma has been a success for the developers. Now they are planning to launch new features and filters to it. Readers who are still thinking of downloading the application on their mobile phones, we would recommend you to download the app right away. You can use the given prisma link.

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