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Download VLC Player for iPhone and Ipad (Simple Guidance).

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VLC App For Ios: Download VLC for iOS for iPhone (Simple Guidance).
Hello, everyone, we will come back with a very amazing article. Is your thinking about this article?

why am sharing this article with you is so many people are using iTunes for saving videos music and so on but they got bored they want something interesting than iTunes right?

yeah, guys here is the article we introduce one new amazing app for sharing videos, files and music and so on but how we can share those type of files? don’t worry about it I will teach you everything about this app.

In my personal opinion about this app is very amazing why because we don’t have any type of connection through using the data cable.

I think one question running in your mind 

What then how can we save computer to ios without using data cable?

this question is crazy I got also this question but this app no needs a data cable.

In this app we learn about how to save and will tell you here about save without using data cable is but we are sharing anything by using IP addresses.

I will tell you today we can files, videos, and music through using ( VLC app for ios ).

Those who have already used it do not Need an introduction because VLC Media Player is among the most outstanding names available on the market of media players. 

VLC can play just about any well-known media format, and it could be expanded with support for additional formats very easily. For those who want to dig more deeply, there’s a special setting to extend the settings menu, revealing access to pretty much every configuration option of the program.

VLC App For Ios: Download VLC for iOS for iPhone (Simple Guidance).

In fact, we don’t even require a data cable to send video files to iPhone or iPad.So without any further, I do let’s get go to the article
 All these functions can be done through VLC App For IOS.This is one of the best media players for iPhone and iPad that place almost any media format than the default IOS media player.The best feature of VLC IOS is that is can be independent of iTunes users have a choice to select movies or videos files that can be uploaded to iPhone and iPad without using iTunes.


Here is the thing require (or) you must need 

1.An iPhone or iPad

2.VLC for mobile to install an app.

           You can download an app by using the app store for free(more info).

3.Wireless Internet Network

   Both the I device and PC on the same network (more info).

now let’s take a look on 

How we transfer videos and movies to iPhone without the help of iTunes:

First, open the VLC application on iPhone.Click on the small VLC icon button to get more options here from the list of options select sharing via wifi and you will see two addresses.

VLC App For Ios

Now switch over to the computer and open your favorite web browser.Type the IP address or phone local as shown on the app.

VLC App For Ios

It will open you a clean interface that will help you to upload video files over a wifi.Make sure that your device is on the same wireless network.

VLC App For Ios

Click on upload files button (or) just simply drag and drop the files that you would like to watch on iPhone (or) iPad wait for few minutes until the transfer of file completes these transfers are no way related to internet speed or bandwidth.
VLC App For Ios

Now check the VLC app for ios the video files and enjoy watching your favorite movies (or)videos on your iPhone.

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