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Free Photo Editor App in Smartphone-PicsArt

Free Photo Editor App in Smartphone

I really love this app it is for editing and looks good go to the app first go to play store and search for PicsArt and it shows the bunch of applications on that page click the first app and click install.After installing the app open the app and login app with using mail id and open app it shows home page of that app.

In that home it shows 4 options 1st one is people are upload editing pics to a home page. 2nd option is it show some option like A) EFFECTS B)EDIT C)COLLEGE D)CAMERA and E)DRAW.

In going to options: 

A)EFFECTS-Click on that option if you have an already taken picture and upload to effects option and it should have sub-options is 1.Fx 2.Blur 3.Artistic 4.Pop Art 5.Paper 6.Distort 7.colours and last 8.Correction.

1.FX: It change your colour into different shades turns to Lightcross,Sea
from,Dodges,Drama,Retro,Cinerama,Twilight Warm Amber,Warm colour,Sunny,B&W low on,Hixon,Film,Flim Blow,Crip,Vibrant,Cross pro,HDR,HDR 1 etc.This option is used for so many types of colours and it changes different climate conditions.

2.Blur: In this option it has different types of blur options I have the main role because so many people doing blur every phone to high let some part of the picture.

3.Artistic: It is used for pictures is turns into the different type of pictures like polygon shaped,poster,halftone dots,motion,sheer,pastel,comic,gouache,old paper,neon,watercolour etc. These are different types of paint effects for your pictures.

4.Pop Art: This is used for your pic is turns to different types of colours like colour gradient,Holga 1,2,colour 1,2,3,4,pop art colour,1,2.These are different tyre of colour option ready use.

5.paper: This option is used for your picture is turns to different types of paper views like stencies1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 this option is available it is like dim paper,mud paper,wooden pattern paper,shaded paper  like it.

6.Distort: In this options is doing very crazy because your picture turns into two faces,small faces,big face,brought stomach like this options is a caricature,fish eye,swirled,cylinder mirror,bathroom1,2, a water drop.

7.Column: It is used for your picture turns to different types of colour to colour splash,colour replaces,colourize,invest,black&white,negative,solarization etc these options used to improve your photo effects.

8.Correction:This is the main option for people who edits in pics are because many photos click show red-eye and pimples.In this option, your can remove your red-eye and pimples to smooth your face.

B) EDIT: This option has so many types of tool shortly it is the heart of the pic starts.The tools are tools,effects,add photo,square fit,border,mask,draw,text,clipart,stock,lens,shape mask,frame,callout.The main option is two options Tools and Effects I already tell you’re for effects and come to a tool.Go to crop used for to crop your picture into different types of pictures.Freecrop is used for you can crop your picture into different shapes and sizes.
Shape crop has some different shapes to crop that type of shape into your pictures.Enhance is used for adjusting your picture resizes into different types of resolutions.Resize is used for your pictures turn to another size viewing picture.Flip/restore is the option is used for rotate your picture from the left side to right side.

In this option is used for you can put your friend’s pictures and colleges picture into this grid frames and frames are views different types.

D) CAMERA: This option is used for you can take pictures directly into a camera and edit the picture directly.

E) DRAW: This option is used for you can draw any type of picture or names what do you want with different types of colours using so many options.These option used to create your picture turn to perfect view and people like very well all the best for all.If any type of doubts you  can comment below anything I can solve your doubt friends.

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