How to Create a Blog and Publish a New Post.

how to create a blog

Today I will tell you how to create the blog and how to publish a blog .First, you do click on google chrome and the page is opened and click on the grid icon in the top right corner of that page click on the app it shows like mail,hangouts,blogger,and click on blogger.

If you want to signup but you don’t have a google account.If you have a google account first sign in blog mail id and password option you don’t have an account first click on signup and the page is opened.You will all information mention that boxes it will give first name,last name,choose your user name it give you login id for blog and create password,and confirm password,date of birt,select your male (or) female and mobile number to verify your account it will send verification code to your mobile and click mark to I agree to the google click next step.

After signup in google and click back to a blog.Blog ask you another information and click continuously to blogger option.It will  show you main page of your blogger and click on create a new blog first give you a title what you starting about like, sports,news,technologies and give you address title it enables it to show you blue colour tick mark it not available it shows you red tick mark.

After giving title and address choose your templates it should show you blog title that and click on create the blog.Create a blog in your given title and start a new posting for a blog click on a pencil of the mark it indicates new post click on that it directed to a new post.

The main point is your post should be your own not any type of copyright and your should not copy/paste any type of content to your post. Your post should create different to another.Your post should view another people and your post should view so much after reviews create your post and publish.

After publishing your post the viewers are interested in traffic yo your blog.You can upload blog daily and after six months you and apply for google Adsense it will approve your account and after approving it will advertise ads in your blog and ads will generate money to you. 

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Hello guys this is Maniteja professional blogger. I love to share all those technology related and much more about SEO and Blogging.

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  • Hi ManiTeja, very informative article for beginners like me who want to start their own blog.
    I want to know how do people earn from their blogs?
    I've read about affiliate marketing, Google Adsense and all other advertising methods.
    But what if the visitors do not click on any of the advertisements?
    What if the readers just visit my blog, read my posts and exit?
    Can I earn if I just get enough visitors to my blog?
    If so, how?
    How can I earn if readers just visit my blog?

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