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                Let us start, First start search Gmail in google and google will show you web details for Gmail.The google shows more details for Gmail and more it uses.In the front page, it will show you like this.I will show you a screenshot

Go to Gmail new account.Fill the details what you have and first, you fill your first name and second name.Set your email id what do you want like [email protected] like this in sometimes it will already exist.Then the Gmail give you another mail id its related to your name [email protected] like this.Then set a password, what do you want to repeat once and set your mobile number,because it will send you a confirmation code then access your account.I will show you a snapshot of account page.

In this process you can get Gmail very easily and very faster and very simple way.In this screenshot, it will help to know the page view.

Various Uses of gmail:

Various Uses of gmail

If you’re a micro business owner, you might be spending a great deal of time in your e-mail inbox. Chances are pretty good you’re answering inquiries about your service or products over and over and over. Some time ago, Google released a Laboratory feature for Gmail that’s tons of time saving uses. In the simplest terms, canned answers are a way to save you and send a pre written e-mails. Many people are comfortable with automatic out of office responses, canned answers may be utilized in the same. Paired with Gmail filtering system and you’ve a really strong time saving tool. 

To get you started, here are a pair brief videos and 3 possible uses. A canned answer can be set to response with any answer you select to a particular keyword in an e-mail, a theme line, e-mail address, using filters. To start using canned answers, you need to turn on this attribute in your Gmail or Google Programs e-mail account. This is done by clicking on Compose Mail in your Gmail or Google Programs inbox. Like you saw in the video, you only need to type up the e-mail just like normal and click Canned answers. Canned responses don’t do everything on their own, they need a helper. 

Once you have typed out what you need to say in your automatic response, you will have to create a filter and maybe a label. You might have a few canned answers setup for all sorts numerous reasons. With the quantity of control to filter what responses mechanically go where, the possibilities are only restricted to your creativity. Part of the beauty of the canned answer is, it works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Offering a service or product can generate comparable questions from prospects clients. An answer automatic can be created to help with a lot of the repetitive e-mail replies. 

Utilizing a well crafted FAQ in your response will save you hours of typing and spare your sanity. Selling a service or product can lead to different people emailing about the same thing over and over. Utilizing filters, labels and canned reactions to individual, store and response with a predetermined e-mail will almost be like having an assistant. These incoming requests may be sorted by a particular e-mail address on your webpage, keyword, theme line or other requirements. Another fantastic way to use default answers, is to create e-mail templates.

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