How to Download a Blogspot Templates Free and Upload to Your Blogger

download blogspot templetes free

How to search and download best templates which one you want thinking about.First, you need to visit then you click the image link that’s available on the top of the page and click the image link.
Then you type what kind of templates (or) themes you want to need for example I need technology template for our blog so I search simply tech blog template (or) technology blubber template these both are same and click search and enter.
Then you consider previews directly if search this type of template in direct you can’t see the show previews.You need to visit the page for previews of google images is the best way to search templates,then choose your templates you want and click the image and image are opened.
In the right side of the image, it will show you visit page and view image then click the template visit image it will direct to that type of page.I will show you a screenshot to you know that.

You view the demo for your blog view and if you satisfy the download templates into your computer file which folder you want,it will take few seconds.After  complete download, it shows you a ZIP File in you windows PC and first download WINZIP file to extract ZIP File.
First download WINZIP in your windows browser,type google in WinZip file and directed to that page and show you two types of resolutions is 32bit and 64bit.
You choose which type of bit is a support to your PC it will depend on your PC version is 32(or)64bit download the WINZIP to your computer and extract that ZIP File.

How to extract the zip file ?

First download ” WINZIP ” file and after completing download  your blogger template file turns to extract file icon . Click the right-click on the template and it will show you option extract file click on extract file and after extracting it will turn Zip File to Main File.Than goes to google type blogger and log in with your google account after login chooses your blog which blog is turning to new template blogger.

In that blog go to template option click on that option open the custom template page and it will show you option in top right corner option backup/restore.Click on that option and that option shows you ” the first download full template ” because you can backup any time to past template after download and in the below it shows you upload button click the upload and it direct to the folder.

Choose your folder in which folder your template is shown and click on your template and click upload your blog to change that type of template.

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