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How to Earn Money Through Youtube

how to earn money through youtube

First, upload your video in youtube that video is must be yours, not any copyright another video,because if you copy any video google Adsense doesn’t give any money to that video.The video should be your own

Let’s start to go to youtube and sign into youtube and right side of the top corner have upload option.Click the option and upload a video through your device.After uploading video, you can search your video what you giving title but the video doesn’t appear on the front page.

Because the google SEO don’t see your video you can do a small thing.First, go to your youtube page click the channel and the page is opened.Click the video manager the option is shown in the top of the page.Click the edit button on your video and give you a number of tags that should me make your video on youtube front page.

Click save changes and open new tab search youtube type your title the video is on the front page then go to your youtube account.Click video manager it shows your video on that page and scrolls down the page.Page give you option monetization it is used for making money through google Adsense.

Click the monetization option enables monetization and click save changes.Go to your video on the right side of a video it will show dollar symbol,before clicking monetization option that will be in gray colour it indicates no money for it and not monetization.

When enabling monetization that dollar symbol turns into green colour it indicates give you money through google Adsense.Your videos have seen views is very high the google Adsense is impressed to pay money for that video.

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