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How to Get Google Adsense Through Youtube


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     The google adsense are used for to show your ads in your blog or website.But the google adsense are give you account for a website or blog but you don’t have these don’t get any type of  ads in your blog or website.


       Then you have a solution for that,you can get adsense account through  YOUTUBEFirst go to google search youtube the page will appear in the right corner of the youtube page it will show upload and sign in option.Click to signin option and signin with your google account,after sign in to your youtube home page see you youtube home page left side corner it have Home,My Channel,Scbcribtion,History,Watchlater and  Linked Videos.
       Click to channel and it will open first you see your top of the home page it will give you Subcribers,Page Views and  Video Manager.I will show you some screenshots to you thats easy to you.

  • Click the channel another page appears page then that give some options.
  • dashboard,videomanager,livestreaming,commentry,channel,analyics and create.
  • Select channel it will give you another sub-options like status and features.
  • Monitization,upload defaults,featured content,branding and advanced.
  • Select status and features is opened the page and enable the monetization.
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I will show you screenshots.

        Click all these options Click i accept and it will monetiztion your account and go to channel click monetization click the monetization and it will show you some content questions click onwe question i will show that question in screenshot. Also give a look Clash Royale for PC and you will get one more informative article clash of royal.

      Click how will i be paid and see the blue word in the question that is ASSOCIATE AN ADSENSE ACCOUNT click the blue word line and adsense will approved.But approved is not yet time it takes some days to approve ,when adsense is approve it will send you a mail to your gamil what you are used for youtube.

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