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How to Hide Whatsapp Last Seen and Send Whatsapp Notifications to Desktop

hide lastseen in whatsapp

Last seen is the timestamp consist the most of the people using WhatsApp.iPhone users are the direct app to disable the timestamp option but do not available on android,windows, and blackberry users.There is a simple workaround that you can use just turn on your WIFI (or) Data package now you can read your WhatsApp msgs once you are close the WhatsApp now turn the WIFI back on in these way messages will be sent without updating tour time stand.

The WhatsApp server this may trick is used for android,windows, and blackberry users.If you can use android mobile you can use tools called w tools.All you need to open the W-Tools click on start server you can see a notification on your swap screen and minimize that app.When even you will open WhatsApp WIFI and data package is automatically turn off and you can see your msg and once WhatsApp has been closed WIFI (or) Data package will turn on automatically.

If you spend a lot of time on your computer.If you have any important WhatsApp notifications you can try the wonderful app called Desktop notification you can get this app search on browsers.After downloading the app open the app and install the app on your device.

Open the app it shows browser and enters google chrome and Mozilla firefox and after install, you need to 3connect key.Show in your device application and enter in your browser connects has been done.First, click on create text notifications button ever time you can get notifications and SMS to you PC directly.

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