How to Install Android Apps on Windows 10 Mobile Device.

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If you have a windows 10 on your windows mobile device you have to install android apps on windows 10 mobile device.
First, go to settings in your windows phone and open the update and it will show you option go to a developer and enable device discovery.
In this way, you get android apps.I will give you few steps go to windows PC and go to google search type OneTechSiop.NET that will show you a download link below and click download it will take few seconds to download.
After you get APK into your PC and right click in the  app and extract the file and after complete extract that will open.
In that file, you can seen some file in that application and IPOVERUSBINSTALLER and VCREDISTx86 mark these two and click install and once installed that files.
Click APKDeployment and it open the application show you connect pair before paring you can connect your mobile windows 10  go to all settings and go for update and security for developer and inset to settings click on a pair and it gives a key to pair to the phone to PC.
Type your key what key your mobile device is given to type mobile device is given to type that key in your PC application and pairing is done it show the emulator.
It downloads APK games (or) apps in your windows PC and direct put on your desktop in that APK folder and drag these folders to your paired application and click on Deploy all.
I will give some tricks to download the app to windows search APKDownloader it shows you a generate downloader link to download all types of app and games to it.If gives a generate download link for what should paste the application.
First, go to google play store on your PC and search any type of game (or) apps like Asphalt 8 and the app is open on the top of the page its give a link and copy the link .
Go to app downloader and paste the link in the box click the generate download link and it will show a download link and download it after download put your download file in parking application and deploy all and all apps and games are shown in your windows 10 mobile device.

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