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How to Ram Expander Using Memory Card

Today I will tell you a way to increase your RAM  on your android device.Before starting that process you need to have the android phone rooted with you and also you need to have an external SD card that should be even 4GB (or) more than 4GB these two parts are more important.

Go to your android device you need to particular apps is tell you two apps 1.LINK TO SD and 2.SWAPPER 2 and these two particular apps are pretty much needed are complete the steps.

 I will tell you how to use these apps in process,first of all, you have any android device,I have a Samsung device and first you do press up volume button key and power key and home key it should take few seconds to screen turn off and turn on the device and it will show a page in blue colour and options.

 Go to navigation the option up and down using volume button and go for power button because the touch does not work in that time then you can navigate your phone this way.Once the page is open you need to go advance selection on a bottom of the page click on that option.once you go to partition SD cad you just select it and open the page it shows the memory it recommends you select 512MB.

The main thing is before continuing the process I will tell you important point once this process is done your external SD card is fully formated  before starting the procedure make it backup your external sd card to your PC (or) Laptop.

After that, you need to select 512MB of external size press to select it after you can select 34MB (or) 64MB and I prefer for 32MB ap size you selecting  it to give sometimes it will show you button and you can wait for some time.Now once the process is complete what you need to go back button select it there show the first option reboot system and select the reboot system now your phone will be rebooted it take some time,But once it rebooted first go to link to SD card app.

First tapping on it,I already tell you that one you phone rooted so this app is used for taking permission so you need to grant permission also take few seconds to take out after completed loading it shows you have in your mobile app device.Once particular steps make sure you go to settings and navigate bottom of the page and it sees install location it is pretty much important you can selected external after completing this process you need to power off your phone and after that you make restart your phone again.

Again click on linktoSD give it sometime once it showed a particular screen it shows ext 2, ext 3,ext 4 select ext 2 and click on location external is selected go to swapper2 app you don’t have swapper2 app first go to play store.Search for swapper it shows a bunch of lists selects swapper for root install that app and open it and the particular screen is shown you screen and active swap on boot it shows SD card Ext partition and clicks on once it can create new swap file it will take few minutes to create a new swap file.After completing you swapper.Click on the app and go to more click on storage and go open your file memory it will show your external memory is a show.

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