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How to Secure Whatsapp Chat and Upload Dp Without Cropping

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In this tutorial , I will tell you how to secure WhatsApp and how to upload DP without cropping using the best cropping app.

WhatsApp is a best messaging App available in the market today but soon facebook brought WhatsApp stunningly 19 million dollars and also raising in complicates telegram which I think better than WhatsApp .It is very interesting WhatsApp to do near future.

SECURE WHATSAPP – If you believe that locking the WhatsApp with third party application like app locker you can’t secure your chat messages.I will tell you how to read all chat even you lock your WhatsApp account.First, you lock your WhatsApp with app locker (or) another locker.

After locking your WhatsApp install the  third party application like ”backup text for WhatsApp” after installing the App open the app shows, filter by chat ,Filter by date,filter by message type,file type and export to SD card.

First, you can export the chat  then click on export to and it show’s SD card,E-mail,and you can export  your chat into either SD card or E-mail.Just click on SD card and another click on export to SD card.It asks you OK and clicks on that you can see the copying you all text into SD cards very simple and you have to know the password lets check it by going to SD card.Then you can see your file that export into simple that file.

So if you use the third party application lock your WhatsApp account that makes sure that you don’t allow your friend to install any third party application you can do this locking your google play store and setting option.

UPLOAD DP WITHOUT CROPPING – Most of the pictures are taken with cameras are in landscape or portrait mode bud sadly WhatsApp only allows you square shaped resolution photo to set up our DP.

This is a simple work around the square padding picture ,I will tell you how to do this.First you let you can setup any type of picture to WhatsApp DP opens the picture but your picture is in landscape photo so you will need to crop it but you can do first install the third party application is #square App and open that App it show you picture is full of padding applied on the picture and click save once the picture has been saved open on your gallery and look for #square folder your picture shown on folder.Go to that option click on the set picture as and select option Whatsapp profile photo.

Now you can set full photo it shows broad white large border don’t mind that put fullscreen to set DP and the profile picture is uploaded.



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