How to Setup an Google Adsense Account

Setup an Google Adsense Account

First, go to google and search for google Adsense and page shows once you click on google and it will google Adsense page on the left side of the bottom corner of the page it shows blue colour with get start button click on that. In that page, two options are given 1.Yes,proceed to google account sign in and 2.No,create a new google account. 

So,if you have already had a google account click on the first option it is easy to select.But,you don’t have a google account just click on a second option to create a google account.I already tell you how to create a google account(or)email account these two are same.

That way follow you can create a google account.After filling all details can verify your google account it shows an option go back to Adsense click on that.
In that part 1st step is completed and go for 2nd step in is tell about your content you can type your website URL in first box it is main point it shows ads on your website and choose your language which language you can speak and click continue.

3rd step is opened it submits your AdSense application and you can complete your full contact information.The main point is you can fill this page carefully as the information will be used to setup your account and send your payment. 

First, fill set your country in which country leaving and TimeZone for your country.Click on the Adsense is using about business (or) individual purpose click on what do your want and give it your payee name it is also main step it must the full name on your bank account,note that depending on your location,you may not able to change your payee name later.

Give your street address and it is very important and should give it clearly and citation and country which country you are living your area postal code.After giving all information google check all information if you have given wrong information google does not approve your account.

Give your phone number it will ask you how did you set to know Adsense it depends on upon your blog an email preference for just click on the second option.Once you fill up your application and google go to check your website it is correct google sends you the confirmation email to put adds on your website.Once send a confirmation mail checks your google account and click on Gmail.If the AdSense account is confirmed open the mail and clicks on get started option in that mail the AdSense is started show ads on your website.

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