How to turn off Facebook auto-play Videos

Hi, friends today I will tell you how to  turn off Facebook auto-play Videos .In Facebook videos are start playing automatically while scrolling the page video autoplay is wasting your bandwidth and it’s taking the full internet speed while playing the video? You can’t open any other web page with normal speed until the video completed.We can easily disable the autoplay function.

First of all login to your Facebook,when you visit Facebook and while scrolling the page the videos start playing automatically.You don’t need these videos are playing automatically because it’s wasting your pocket data you need to click the play button when you watch the video it automatically in this can’t load another page to see because your data fully wasted and low internet connection this no you need to stop that.

I have found the solution stop this video automatically played.While you scrolling the page it loads videos automatically until the videos stop can’t view any page.The triangle symbol the solution is to click the triangle for access the settings tab go to videos option it shown on lift side down.

Find the option videos click on that you can set the videos to default high-quality to normal quality and auto-play videos.If the default mode is on that way the videos play automatically.If you want to stop that automatically playing mode,go to default and click on that it show two option is ON and OFF.

If want to stop automatically videos play click on the off option to stop play videos automatically after that go to home page and you can the videos are not playing automatically.Right know it is very useful to all because it’s not lost packet data and loading and if you can want to watch such type of videos.You click on that videos and watch the video it is the easy way to use.After stopping the option the videos are not played will scroll your home page.

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