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How to Upload a Video in Youtube

how to upload a video in youtube

I will tell you how to upload a video on youtube.In this way, you can upload videos on youtube.
Your video what you can upload to youtube,the views are seen your videos than the google Adsense will pay the money to your videos.I will tell you next blog.
Come to the starting point.First login to your youtube account.
In your account home page right side top corner, it will show upload option.Click the upload option and the page is opened on the right side it will give options like IMPORT VIDEOS,LIVE STREAMING AND CREATE VIDEO and in this create a video it can show sub options like WEBCAM CAPTURE,PHOTO SLIDESHOW, AND VIDEO EDITOR.
Come to first option IMPORT VIDEO- If you can already capturing any type of video already that video can upload using the future.
LIVE STREAMING-It means if you can seeing any type of live shows you can capture in net that video you can upload in using this option.
CREATE VIDEO-You can create any type of video,but don’t upload any type of porn videos in youtube it will punish you.In this create video have another future it is WEBCAM CAPTURE,PHOTO SLIDESHOW, and VIDEO EDITOR.I will show you some screenshots.

In WEBCAM- capturing you have captured any type of funny videos stunts using your device webcam.
PHOTO SLIDESHOW- in photo slideshow you can already capture photo on your device and in this future all selected photos bind each other and it will show one after another and also you can fix music that is any type what music is suitable  to your upload pic.
VIDEO EDITOR – In video editor, you can bind few videos which bit what do you want in the first video and second video and also soon.You can put a title what do you want and fix a music to your video you want it will give you a search box to type which type of music you wants.
The last you can upload a video it will give the main option is your video is shown in PUBLIC OR PRIVATE.

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