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How to Upload Pictures to Instagram from Pc Without Bluestacks

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Instagram is the one of the coolest in the most fun website to serve to photos online just take the pictures apply the filter and share your life with your friends and family.

Sadly the desktop version does not support photo uploading well data to work around track the first one is using the android emulator called Bluestacks.It is easy to do once the app has been installed clicking on the Instagram button on the centre and upload the picture from your gallery but installing running Bluestacks is not satisfy for all to done in sometimes.

The second method is to upload the picture using a free software called and download the gambler in go to that website and you can the download link that site and it show more detail of that software.The application is complete downloading and install that application and open the application the Gambler is available on both Windows and Mac book.

First, log in with your username and password of  Instagram click on login button and next you have to choose the photos you want to upload.There are two things make sure to known that in you file to extract into s jpg and you photo should be in the square photo and less than 500kb.I will show you a screenshot of that image.

To change the extraction choose the paint option.In this paint option choose picture what you upload into Instagram and the picture saves another time it should turn to png and change it as jpg format.To make it square my requirement using online services like ”square image generator”.You can search on google chrome or another browser and put on your image on square file upload image .

Which image want to upload in this case I will also ways prefer white padded save the image with white padding around it.It should-should be a square photo right now upload the picture what you are downloaded.Click on upload and now add your caption that your choice it’s yours and you can also tag as well once you are done click on save as you can see your picture has been upload in your Instagram desktop version.You can see your picture on your Instagram the picture is with white padding.

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