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Microsoft Lumia 950 Review.

Microsoft Lumia 950 Review.

This windows phone has one of the sharpest and coolest looking mobile platform. Microsoft is a brand new operating system, mostly its hardware which makes windows fans.

Let’s go for review of Lumia 950

The Lumia 950 is an almost remarkable smartphone. Unlike Lumia 1020 and 930, this piece has a metal frame with a polycarbonate back which makes a unique design.
A great stunning neon color was replaced by stake black and white options of this model. At just 8mm thick with 150gm even its size is the middle of the row, fortunately like that you can live we that can market back with the leather case from mozo then keep in mind the price is 43,669 money than cost gets past forgettable design to like and starting with the display.


In Lumia 950 have 5.2” inch display panel with clean black with daylight readability and brings with it usual inky black and maturation comment seems and forms the moment Microsoft logo pop up on the boot screen and it have quad HD display its sharpness makes the test on live tiles come to live and it specialty on the little notification symbols on status bar.The windows look great in Quad had the windows phone fans are waiting  two years for the proper flagship in the Lumia 950 story is very many experts.


The 950 comes packaged 32GB internal storage (29GB user-Accessible) on the box and also offers micro SD slot for storage expansion.That lot is inner have 3000 mah battery which is also removed rear it is this day model BV-TSE and battery are rechargeable via USB type Covary by PMA wireless charger  most of reducing is go to snapdragon 8.0 A processor  and 3GB RAM that makes the whole thing work smart and faster.

It has one more trick is the gorilla glass. The unlock button is integrated by Windows hello in framed sensor it takes up to access through eye ray scan.It takes training on that it is not 100% effective but it’s better it works. It is so futuristic that you can speak any but it is awesome one for all the change windows 8 to windows 10 grand new to report the touch screen is much the same with option changed.

It unlocks for the home access show different types of notifications instantly for difficult types of news.It is more conventional and consistent in older windows phone used ailment and easy to control sliding panels to access different app screens.


The larger time of Lumia stable double tap to wake from Lumia 950 even as all touch like always on flat screen remains results about it is a machine mash of whole feature and apps with still using this after a long time type and type of word in touch keyboard it is very smooth and very fast type speed.

It has mouse control and managing email and calendar for new looks apps. The Cortana is virtual assistant good at contact and simple either meanwhile, apps like Instagram haven see meaning full updates and started title Microsoft Mack Facebook app show little with bugs.

There is some good news is all new Facebook, Instagram and Messenger apps for Windows 10 but because it is a universal app that works on every phone.The Microsoft company is attracted to a developer it has first surprise you can’t an expert of pip-boy camping, Live ACS.Net (Air Control Scan network) It has to develop two maps apps providing integrated directions driving walking and public and MS Doc translate can take the few of run 3.1 on the desktop.


The camera is a 20MP camera have six element lens with 5th gen optical stabilization its size larger than galaxy S6 it has triple LED flash design for avoiding blurring out flash down shocking the camera is very easy. It gives a camera button on the side of the phone is done for pressing half on the key it can capture automatically it given rich looks and optimizing the photo right of its picture taken and using the flash and constant after taking the picture.The Microsoft have the option for instant change different types fixing contrast, brightness, daylight and capture the photo.  


Gaming is very good for Lumia 950 you can play different types of games like Asphalt 8, Six guns and Mortal combat graphic games.The audio quality of the rear back speaker is tiny size but quite loud and it have different equalizer feature is many custom options and virtual sound earphone learning and finally, the Lumia 950 it has various battery life charge the use type c charger pretty zippy and wireless charger in round pad.The Microsoft build Lumia 950 for Windows phone fans to provide a phone that carries easier.

Official video for Microsoft Lumia 950:



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